9 April 2012

A light & fluffy post: Candy Floss

Some of my recent posts have been full of rants and moans so I told Twitter my next one would be a light and fluffy one.
And what's lighter and fluffier than Candy Floss?

Look, there are candy floss tornadoes that chase you across open fields - I did not know that until tonight.

It comes in a rainbow of colour choices.

And you can rip it apart with your hands and feel it melt in your mouth.

Let's forget for a moment about its high sugar content and celebrate the lightness and fluffiness of candy floss.

What light and fluffy item would you like to see in my next installment of Light & fluffy?
x x x


  1. Cotton wool.
    Kitten fur.
    An OAP's blue rinse.
    Dandelion fluff.
    Unicorn spaff.

    :D x

    1. I always get a warm feeling when I receive an email to inform me you've commented on here, unicorn spaff - ha ha ha!

  2. Loving the light and fluffy :-) now fully indulged in light and fluffyness after reading, the sun now broken through, the world seems a better place. I will no doubt come down from my sugar high in a moment but fall onto some fluffy candy floss!!!

    Have a good day xxx

    1. The sun is shining here too - sort of. Always makes you feel better x as does candy floss x x

  3. Love the celebration of light and fluffy!
    Next installment...

  4. Starlight. (Ignore the flaming balls of burning gas aspect, focus on the romantic starlight)

    Soaring birds. (Ignore the chance of them pooping on your head, focus on the freedom)

    The first flowers of spring. (Choose wild flowers, so you don't have to think of the hours of gardening involved)

    And unicorn spaff. Because MotherVenting is cook, and I bet that's what candyfloss really is. Oh yes.


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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