13 April 2012

The Voice Within

Ah, a meme. A meme designed to get into our heads and expose our daily mutterings. The Voice Within asks us to reveal ten things that we say to ourselves / out loud during the day. Adventures of a Middle-aged Matron kindly tagged me in this one so after a bit of thinking about it here is what I splurt on a daily basis.

Oh For Goodness/Gods/F@#k Sake - delete according to mood and who is in earshot. This is probably my top muttering and I have just said it one minute ago whilst trying to highlight some text on here. FYI I said the last choice. *gasp*

Where the hell is it? Book bag, drink bottle, potato peeler...whatever I need at that very moment and it isn't there.

Hang on a minute Usually to the children when they need me to do something. Sometimes, for variety, it is "Hang on a sec"!

Come on Most of time directed to Alban who is one of life's dawdlers. He always needs a minutes head start on everyone else. I forget to give him a minutes head start so am repeatedly getting at the poor chap with that one.

Mummy just needs to finish this 'work' Yes, that's right, mummy 'works' on her computer at home sometimes. (I think we all know what I mean by work don't we?! Shhhh, don't tell my children what I'm really up to.)

Find it yourself Mummy where's my coat? Where's my rabbit? Where's my Octonaut toy? Where are my marbles? Ha!

If you want something done do it yourself One for the husband! Usually after asking for the umpteenth time for a household job to be done. You know what I'm on about.

How many times have I said....? Moan, moan, moan.

Am I the only person who knows how to wash up around here? It seems I am. No one else seems to understand how the taps, washing up sponge and Fairy Liquid combo work. Clearly there is a magic fairy who swishes the dirty plates back into the cupboard.

The laundry bag is right there Yes, right there. Look. Next to your pile of clothes you have just removed from yourself.

Jeez, I have just realised that I am a seriously grumpy cow. I need to find some more positive things to say myself!

I'm going to tag Bod for Tea, Life, As I Know It & Motherventing to see what words of wisdom they spout.

And as for you, dear reader, tell me, what is your most common daily muttering?
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  1. At the moment it's 'Slowly....' as one of the boys dashes up the livingroom and knocks over the other one.

  2. That was impressively efficient. And you've made me realise that I say almost all of those things too except the one about the landry basket because I myself hardly give the thing any thought.

  3. Hah most of these sayings I say throughout every day too!

  4. Thanks for the tag missus. I am now expecting you to screech all/any of these at me when we room together in June ;) x

  5. "Where you left it/took it off" or the next best one "Is it yours, why are you asking me then?" I have been doing this 18 years, I am getting so seriously grumpy I'm perfecting it into an artform.

  6. Haha, I tend to use "2 minutes" - doesn't make it any better, does it?


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