13 May 2012

Cake & Prosecco

What a week it has been. The Bank Holiday Monday coincided with Alban's 4th birthday and a new tradition was started in our house...

Cake for breakfast?

Don't mind if I do!

I also think I may get cake out for breakfast on other special days. I really should have done this this morning for my first Twitter house guest, the super lovely @NotSoSlummy. She made the trip from London to come and help me find a dress for Brit Mums Live. Luckily the metropolis of Bristol is only a quick train ride away, we needed to make this journey as Melksham doesn't really have that many shops for decent shopping. Awaiting us there was Bristol's answer to Gok Wan in the rather more attractive form of @motherventing. Now these two had been prewarned about the difficulties that could lay ahead trying to find me a dress but MoVo looked me up and down - she may have squeezed my waist but I will let that go as I may have squeezed her derrière - and knew exactly what would suit. Two shops down and we were done - dress found. Those two saved us hours, which gave us more time....

.....to start drinking!

Bubbles in Harvey Nicks?

Don't mind if I do!

So, thank you ladies for all your help and a lovely day, and thank you Not-At-All-Slummy for putting up with my bonkers children this morning!

x x x



  1. Sounds fab but for some reason I can't see your photos so I'll just assume you're looking fab and having fun. :)

  2. I'm so glad you are now the proud owner of a dress for Britmums! And what excellent taste in shopping compatriots you have :)

  3. Cake for breakfast is not usual? Damn!

    You are most welcome, you and Steph were excellent shopping partners, I would go again any time :) xxx

  4. You ARE good to yourself! And why not of course.

  5. That sounds heavenly what a fab way to spend a day! x

  6. oh awesomeness! what a fab day... !

    I need to find something to wear to Britmums Live..

    SO glad you have the birthday breakfast cake tradition now :))xxxx


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