20 May 2012

My tale of stupidity & shocking service

So, I am still a bit of a blubbering wreck over the incident that simply was a great big cock up on my part. If you didn't already know, this morning I managed to put this...


HTC Sensation phone

Into this....


A washing machine

My lovely HTC Sensation smartphone was happily getting a bubbly wash for about half an hour when I suddenly thought, 'Where's my phone?' and then shouted,

"ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHGHHHHHHHHH Fu@k it, I've put my phone in the washing machine!"

I fell to my knees in front of the machine and cried. Yes. I cried. Over my phone. I told myself I could either crumble emotionally or get my thinking cap on. The machine was promptly turned off, phone retrieved, pulled apart, water drained out, SIM card and battery removed and the realisation hit me. 'This phone is f@*ked'.


"I can't live without my phone, I can't live without my phone, I can't live without my phone. What am I going to doooooooo?!"

The husband was very calm and helpful at this point. Not once did he mock me or tell me what an idiot I am, and I am clearly a HUGE idiot, instead he went through my options.

We decided the best thing to do was to head to Carphone Warehouse, buy a PAYG phone and whack in my old SIM, assuming it wasn't damaged. This is where the fun began.

Carphone Warehouse:

Me: Hello I need a PAYG phone to put my contract SIM in as I have destroyed my phone.

CW worker: Okay, let's check the SIM works [it did but the contacts were wiped] You can put it in a PAYG phone but we can't guarantee it will work, it's best if you buy a SIM free phone which will be £130.

Me: £130???!!!! Let me think about it.

5 minutes later

Me: I'd like to take the PAYG phone with the SIM card.

CW worker: Oh. Are you going to put your SIM in it?

Me: [Duh] Yes.

CW worker: Let me just check with my manager.

Worker goes and speaks to some 12 year old behind the desk.

CW worker: Sorry we can't sell you that phone as you plan to use it fraudulently.

Me: [WTF?!] Erm, you said a little while ago that it would be my risk.

CW worker: Yeah, well, sorry I shouldn't have said that.

Me: [Tosser] Oh forget it then.

I went straight to Phones4U who said to me...

"All the phones are unlocked, you don't need to buy a SIM free phone."

Thank you Phones4U for your honesty and not treating me like a criminal and trying to rip me off with the more expensive SIM free phone. They set my phone up with my existing SIM card and, guess what Carphone Warehouse? Shock, horror it works. I have my new phone with my existing contract SIM and no one has hauled me in for questioning for being fraudulent.

So, today I learnt that I am quite stupid but not stupid enough to fall for Carphone Warehouse's rather dodgy sales technique.

x x x



  1. My gob has been firmly smacked! I can't believe Carphone Warehouse treated you like that! How infinitely rude, dodgy and deceitful. Well done Phones4U. Just hope they change their annoying adverts!

    1. I was pleasantly surprised as CW look more professional but the Deputy in Phones4u was fantastic!

  2. I love a happy ending. I hope you have sent the link to this post to Carphone Ripoffhouse.

    1. They tweeted me and asked me to fill in a form about it. I was worried about getting laughed at for ruining my phone, I didn't expect to be accused of being a fraud.

  3. Obviously I saw this on Twitter earlier, it's an easy mistake to make so I hope you didn't berate yourself too much for it!

    I'm surprised at CPW being so weird about it, mostly because they were recently very good when I had two HTC Sensations die on me within the space of a couple of weeks. Suppose they probably smelt a sale in your case and engaged arsehole mode!

  4. I had completely the opposite service with Phones4U trying to force an expensive contract on me and carphone warehouse just happy selling me a PAYG. I guess it depends who you get

    1. Phones4u were no good last year when looking for a phone but were great today. CPW really good when getting my first contract phone but so not impressed with them today.

  5. What a nightmare! Glad it's sorted now. I dread mobile phone shopping as they are pretty much all as bad as each other in my experience. I remember CPW once trying to get my details so they could run a credit check before they'd talk to me. I do it online now to avoid talking to them. x

  6. You were jolly stupid there.

    But the peeps in the phone shop sound like a bunch of grimy pimps.

  7. To clarify (on the basis that my contract phone is dying a little bit every day) you can put a contract sim into a payg phone? Well well well.

  8. I only have a very basic 'phone and have only used PAYG for years but as far as I know you can stick your sim card in any 'phone and it should work regardless if it's on the same network (and even if it's not - although that is slightly more tricky and I believe involves possibly slightly dodgy codes off t'internet - my phones was originally one network but I have used for years with diff networks PAYG sim!)
    But do try not to wash it again!! ;))

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