14 June 2012

Catch up: sewing and cake!

It's been a bit of a bad week and general all round diet fail. I blame the husband for turning 34 and picking chocolate fudge as his birthday cake choice.
It is a little known fact that I bake the best chocolate fudge cake.
I really should share the recipe with you all.
Here's a teaser though...

I also got round to making a flower to finish off the camera strap cover for Kerry @thelovebump.
Am still hoping it all fits!

 I somehow managed to get back to the sewing machine today. I found this tutorial from Fabric and Flowers and promptly got on to eBay to order some clasps. They arrived yesterday and today I made myself this...

I love bracelets in all their different forms and having a fabric one is a little bit different.
I already have an order from Edith for one!

In other news I'm looking forward to working on the revamped #pinaddicts challenge with Kerry and co.

If you aren't already doing so, follow us on Twitter @pinaddictsuk.

Have a good rest of the week people!
x x x


  1. Oh that cakes looks good :-) I think you should share the recipe!!! Clever lady with cake and your camera strap for Kerry sure she will love it!

    It is love all around here as I also love the bracelet too!!! xxx

    1. There's always room for spreading some love on here ;) x

  2. Wow - that was quick Viv! Love the bracelet you've made. Looks great :) And the chocolate cake would go down lovely just about now.......!!! Sx

    1. Thanks! The clasps came through really quick so I went for it! I did have to rejiggle the length of one of the clasps as I mis measured a teeny bit and the bracelet was a bit snug. Great tutorial though ;) x

  3. Can you post me some of that cake please-it's unfair to show a pregnant woman a big chocolate cake without sharing ;)

  4. You neeeeed to post the recipe! Pleeeeease, it looks amazing! It's making me drool and use lots of vowels.

  5. that chocolate fudge cake just literally made me do a homer simpson drool...

    1. Ha ha! Am going to post the recipe soon so you can try it for yourself and drool in private! x

  6. I love that we both did a CatchUp post! I love the owl fabric, can't wait to see my camera strap. Lovely makes Viv, you clever thing. Bring Cake to B/Mums Live, I'm going to go through your bag ya' know. xx


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