20 June 2012

Nerves and stuff

In about 40 hours time I will be sat on an overcrowded train, no doubt having had to scowl at someone sat in my booked seat, on my way to London to meet loads of beautiful, crazy, talented - delete as appropriate or insert your own description - bloggers at BritMums Live. A year ago I had no idea about the world of blogging and would only have dreamt about getting on a train to the capital, sharing a hotel room with someone I've met twice and going out to dinner with strangers. Man I have changed over the past twelve months.

Or have I? My confidence has grown in some respects but deep down I am an extremely shy person who panics about saying the right thing, embarrasses easily and gets 'lost' in a crowd.

I am currently a bag of nerves.

I feel I 'know' the people I will be meeting, the majority of which for the first time, and know that they know lots about me. But they don't know the real me. The insecure one.

I have been in a ridiculous panic about what to wear and even had to call in the services of MoVo and NotSoSlummy to hold my hands to the shops. Again, worrying what others will think of me. Why?!

So, if you see me - I'll be in an orangey patterned dress, which is a lot nicer than it sounds - please come and say hi and I will try and string some words together to have a conversation with you. Also, if you see me heading towards the bar area before 4 p.m. please stop me as I will only drink too much to calm my nerves and suitably embarrass myself.


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  1. I'm not going, which I'm gutted about, but if I was I would also be worrying.

    Fear not, I'm sure you'll be fine once you're there and realise that everyone's nice and not terrifying :-)

    You'll be full of post-Britmums confidence when you come over to Bristol the weekend after!

    1. Yep, I'll be ├╝ber confident when I return to the west country!

  2. Admission time, the same reasons above apply to why I'm not going, I feel it's too soon in my blogging adventures plus I'm shy in the unknown, going anywhere on my own is terrifying, hopefully im putting steps in place to boost my confidence and independence and I will be there next year :) Have a great time hun, enjoy it!

    1. Thanks! I have surprised myself doing all of this to be honest. Maybe see you next year?! x.

  3. I'll be there to hold your hand ... all the way to the bar. lovies, me xx

  4. I'll find you. I am nervous and excited in equal measure!

  5. I'm in tears today.

    Went shopping to try to find something to wear, found a dress, paid way too much, got it home... has a hole in it and doesn't match the shoes I was going to wear. Back to the shops tomorrow. The sizes are different here, don't even know what size I wear.

    Just moved here in Jan from US and we still aren't settled so I only have one suitcase full of clothes with me. All of my clothes are falling apart.

    I haven't worked since December and I have no friends yet which means I've only spent time with my husband for 6 months and I seem to have lost all ability to communicate. AND I have this Texas accent!

    Just started blogging six months ago. Holy Shit. What the hell am I doing?

    I don't know anyone else going.

    Anyone want to buy my ticket?


    1. Yikes. Sorry for unloading on your blog post. But, thanks for letting me know I'm not alone with my Nerves & Stuff. See you there.

    2. Yes, I will look out for you. Shout if you see me first!! I think we will be fine and can always sample some ciders in the bar :D x

  6. You will be fine and have a fab time, meet lots of lovely people pick up a butterfly sticker or two. I would have taken the whole sticker sheet/pack so really best I am not going!!!

    Go have a gorgeous time then write about it so I can read and cry that I didn't go!!!

    Have fun, fun and I am sure most people going feel like you.

    Love your twitter Mum xxxxxx

  7. I feel exactly the same! At the Bristol blog thing I was fine until I walked in and then didn't talk to anyone I wanted to because I was worried about sounding like an idiot. This time I have decided to try and act confident even if I don't feel it. I think most people feel the same as you. Come and find me. I have NO idea what I will be wearing yet though!! Happy to drink wine with you at 4pm. I am much more fun after wine!! x

  8. You will be fine... I am sure you will all have a fabulous time :)

  9. I'm not going, and would probably avoid going if I could for the same reasons you have said! However if you are anything like me you will probably be fine once you get there! x

  10. What's funny is we are probably all as nervous as each other but we assume everyone around us looks more confident than us.
    Don't worry, I went to Cybher last month and it turned out to be easier than I thought to talk to everyone!

    Can't wait to see you at Britmums xxx

  11. Bag of nerves this end too!
    Have your heard you can get a butterfly sticker when you go in to show that you want people to talk to cos you have butterflies. I'm even worried about doing that cos I might look insecure and people will think I won't have anything to say!
    Really looking forward to meeting you tomorrow x


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