10 June 2012

Rainy Day Sewing - Camera Strap Cover

It's the last day of the holidays and the rain is falling - again.

Somehow the children managed to play quietly while I got out the sewing machine.

Thank goodness for Lego!

I wanted to have a go at making a camera strap cover as soon as Kerry @TheLoveBump mentioned that she was looking for one.
I really hope it fits.
I really, really, hope she likes it!

Here's how I did it based on the tutorial here.

I know that Kerry loves owls and I had some offcuts in my sewing box left over from my fabric storage boxes.

Using these offcuts I thought I would go for a patchwork approach to the strap cover.

I sewed together the squares like so...

...cut out two 27" x 2.75" strips...

...sewed the strips right side together and pressed, ironed on some fusible interfacing and then folded the ends over and stitched.

Then I sewed the edges with the right sides together.
At this point you can judge the size you need with your camera strap.
I aimed to make the strap cover just over 2" wide.

Next, the fiddly bit, turn the strap cover the right way out and press...

...and here's how it looks on my handbag strap!

I hope you have all survived the wet half term and are looking forward to a rest when the kids return to school.
I know I am!

x x x



  1. I just shed an ACTUAL tear. Am i a saddo??
    Viv, you are the kindest, most sweetest gal in the WORLD. I just love it... so so much. It's perfect.

    I'm in love with you a little bit right now.

    You ROCK!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I just know it's not going to fit then I'll be the one shedding a tear!

  2. Get you! Gorgeous! You are making me want to ask my Mr Lowe to buy me a sewing machine!

    1. I only have a £50 one from good old John Lewis. Can do a lot of basic stuff with it. Get one! It's very therapeutic! x

  3. This is totally amazing! Oh, sheesh, if I tried this it would be a complete wonky old mess. x

  4. I'm jealus of your garden. I'm jealous of your children harmoniously playing Lego. And I'm jealous of your sewing skills.

    1. ;) oh, it all kicked off after that photo was taken!


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