23 July 2012

Camp Bestival 2012 - I'm going!!


Today I received an email that put a HUGE smile on my face - a last minute invite to go to the immense family festival that is Camp Bestival, held in the beautiful grounds of Lulworth Castle, Dorset. For a fleeting moment I panicked as, for whatever reasons, the husband didn't want to go. So I texted like crazy - and thought to myself 'can I do it solo?' - and invited my gorgeous niece aka 'big cousin Emily' (she is 20, so to the kiddies obviously big). I do like to think though that I would have gone it alone if no one was free - I will do that one day I'm sure of it.

So, I am all in a fluster writing lists and planning routes, sorting out clothes and checking tyres on the pushchair - not for the kiddies but to help load the tent and luggage from the car to the campsite. I am praying it won't end in disaster like my last festival trip but Alban has promised he won't get ill.

The kiddies are excited and so they should be! They have a massive Kid's Garden to enjoy full of bouncy castles, blow up things to attack, circus toys to explore, their own big top, ballet, crafts, the music bandstand, the Insect Circus, food tents galore and possibly an ice cream - if they behave - and loads more. As well as that there is the mystical Dingly Dell, The Gruffalo, Mr. Tumble, dancing tents, a freestyle sports park, the main stage in the Castle Field that is playing host to a disco night, Rolf Harris and the Happy Mondays as well as a host of others. The list of things to occupy us goes on and on and on and on....you get the picture. If you don't just click here.

The good news is that there are still tickets available and day tickets will be available on the days.

For a taster of our past experiences click here!

I now need to go and get packed and bring on the excitement!!

x x x

Disclaimer - Camp Bestival are providing me with a free family ticket to review this year's festival.



  1. Woo hoo! Good for you Mrs! I would LOVE to go but being six months preggers it's probably a bit much to camp. I'm thinking next year is definitely an option though. Looking forward to your review post already - you're my go-to girl for everything family festival shaped :)

  2. It does sound like brilliant fun. Glad the weather has improved just in time for it too.


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