17 August 2012

My baby is starting school soon!?!

I can't quite believe my baby boy is off to school next month.
Wasn't it only five minutes ago he was like this?


Well, he is now a strapping 4 year old excitedly looking forward to starting Reception in just a few weeks time. We have had a lovely family summer holiday this year but now I am starting to panic over school uniforms and trips to the shoe shop.

Luckily we  have a range of options and choices of places to buy the uniform basics from and this year we are trying out some of the range from George at Asda.

Here's my boy in his polo shirt and trousers!

Doesn't he look smart? Just needs some socks and shoes and he'll be sorted!

Safe in the knowledge that he will get messy at school the prices of £2.50 for a pack of two polo shirts and £3.00 for a pair of trousers is making school uniform purchasing a bit more relaxing.
Alban isn't the smallest of 4 year olds and his shirt is age 5-6 but the trousers are age 4-5 and just fit nicely.

Alban also received a plain white rucksack from George at Asda along with fabric crayons, pens and paints for him to decorate it with. Now, Alban has never been too keen on creative crafts and still doesn't know which hand to use for a pencil - he was constantly swapping while creating this masterpiece!

If you're not sure what his masterpiece represents here is a breakdown for you:

So, are you all set for the return to school?
Uniforms and shoes ready?
Oh, and don't forget the tissues for the first day!
x x x

Disclaimer: We received some school uniform pieces and rucksack from George at Asda for the purpose of review and creativity!



  1. nearly ready just got to get some games shoes. shoes came earlier in the week and we picked up his uniform today. the first day is going to be messy i have booked the morning off work so that i can sort myself out before going in!

  2. Love the bag, he looks so grown up in his uniform too :)

  3. That alien drawing is awesome. Great backpack!

  4. ahhh - so grown up. He writes his name well even if he's not keen on creative crafts! I rather like the purple planets too!

  5. Love this design, very creative! :)


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