30 September 2012

#pinaddicts challenge no. 8 - Tutu Style Wreath

It's Pinaddicts Challenge time again folks! If this is new to you here's the drill:

The #pinaddicts challenge works as follows:

Pin to your #pinaddicts board on Pinterest.

Choose something to make for the challenge.

In your post put the original image with original links.

Post your fantastic effort at recreating.

Link up and go and check out the other #pinaddicts at the NEW SITE!


I've been feeling rather Autumnal this month and have been looking ahead to - dare I say it?! - Christmas. I've even started a Christmas pin board. With this in mind I've been thinking about wreaths and have seen a variety of them being pinned.

I particularly liked this colourful fabric one and this Halloween themed one pictured below.

I wanted to have a trial run before splashing out on Christmas fabrics, and playing around with final ideas, so I hunted down my bag of netting - leftovers from tutu making for Camp Bestival two years ago - and not having any metal or foam rings improvised a bit!
Here's what to do:
Gather the colours of netting you prefer and a ribbon for hanging.
Cut out a card ring approximately 25cm across.
Cut out strips of net approximately 30cm x 3cm. Rolling up the netting first helps save time.
Loop the fabric under the ring, pull the ends through the loop and pull tight.
Continue doing this following your chosen pattern of colours until the ring is full.
I trimmed the straggly ends, added a fabric flower - made for an earlier pinaddicts challenge - and tied on a black ribbon.
It is now hanging in my daughter's bedroom as she helped out a little bit to tie on the strips and she took a fancy to it!
If you've been doing any sort of Pinterest related crafting then come and join us and link up over at the Pinaddicts Challenge website on the first of the month. We would love to see you!

x x x




Silent Sunday



29 September 2012

Beach therapy

Sea Palling, Norfolk. My dad's birthplace.

There's something about the beach that's good for the soul.

There are simple rules to follow:

You have to run to it.

You must enjoy yourself - no matter what.

You have to play in the sand.

You must leave a message.

This what we found Edith doing quietly.
She asked us all to leave a handprint for Grandad.

x x x

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

I'm linking up with Country Kids



23 September 2012

Shred fat girl, shred - update

For the majority of the last four weeks - apart from a big blip when I was in Norwich - I've been watching my calorie intake and following the 30 day shred workout DVD. I was spurred on by lots of 'before and after' images that I had seen floating around on the interweb where the changes were clearly massive. So, how has my body shape changed in the last four weeks?

Well, I have lost 6lbs in weight and shifted two inches from my waist and hips. Visually there doesn't seem to be a major difference but I am feeling better in myself and am noticing clothes fitting more comfortably. The scales currently seem to be refusing to pass through the sub 11 stone marker which is really frustrating but I know I can get there. Or I'll just fiddle the scales.

Anyway, here are the visuals. There is still the 'tummy' to work on and I am still far from being happy with my body. But I am happier.

I hope to be posting some more pics in four weeks and telling you that the scales have shifted below the number 11!
x x x


Silent Sunday


22 September 2012

Grottos and Fairy Caves

Today I spent Saturday outdoors with the children. No TV. No iPad. No laptop. No mobile connection. Just the fresh air, beautiful surroundings and our imaginations. We were on a mission to find Grottos and Fairy Caves at Stourhead Gardens.
We weren't disappointed.

We didn't stop.

Well, apart from for an ice cream. Not for me - obviously.

Happy Mum, Happy Alban and Happy....well, camera shy, Edith!

x x x
I'm linking up with Country Kids
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

20 September 2012

September Update

It's been an emotional month and it isn't over yet.

I turned 36 which means a few more lines and roots needing attention more often.

It was a lovely day although I was still feeling emotional with my Dad passing away only a few days before...

....and Alban starting school *big sniffs*
The good thing about birthdays though is the pressies. I'm still a big kid when it comes to that part.

My sewing machine got an upgrade - I have passed my little pink starter machine onto Edith to make way for this baby...

The amount of features and knobs freaked me out a bit so I warmed up with something I knew I could make using a tried and tested pattern...

I can relax in the Autumn evenings with my current favourite DVD...

But only if I've been good and had some kind of workout....

I've started running again and have been inspired by Spikes and Heels' #OperationHideous. A great gallery of post workout pics. Like Bangs and a Bun says "Look good on rest days."

Oh, and we've acquired a piano from my school - no one can actually play in the house but it's handy for putting flowers on!

x x x


10 September 2012

Goodbye dad

My dad passed away in the early hours of Saturday morning.

I was with him, with my mum and two of my brothers, from Friday 3.30 p.m. until half past midnight when we left mum so she could get some sleep and spend the night with dad.

He died just after 4.00 a.m.

I felt crap that we had left mum for just a few hours.

I spent a lot of time on Saturday sitting in dad's room with him and the family - chatting and laughing.

I found that strange. I couldn't laugh whilst we were waiting for the undertakers to come.

I guess we all react differently.

It also occurred to me that this was the first time I had been with all my siblings in the same room for years.

Back at home later on Saturday I went through the photo albums.

I found these....

But only this one of me and my dad...
Back home I dug out my wedding album and blew off the dust to find these...

I will be going back to that church soon to say goodbye again.

Sleep peacefully dad.

x x x



2 September 2012

#pinaddicts challenge no. 7 - Twine & Bead Bracelet

We all know that summer is coming to a close but new things are around the corner.

Just peeking it's head out around that said corner is a gleaming new website hosting the brand new Pinaddicts Challenge UK. Yes, we had a summer holiday but now it is back!

The #pinaddicts challenge works as follows:

Pin to your #pinaddicts board on Pinterest.

Choose something to make for the challenge.

In your post put the original image with original links.

Post your fantastic effort at recreating.

Link up and go and check out the other #pinaddicts at the NEW SITE!

I've still been busy pinning my challenge inspirations here and decided to have a go at this creation.

Pinned Image
I used a variety of twine and threads - available from any good craft store - and ordered different style clasps from eBay.
I knotted 3 pieces of twine or thread, measuring about 16" long, and threaded a bead onto each strand. I then knotted the three threads together and continued this. I played around a bit with the number of beads and also used thread twice as long which double wrapped itself around my wrist.

And this is how they turned out!
 What do you think?
Now, go and get crafting and join us at the new website!
x x x


Listography - Top 5 songs I grew up to

I haven't taken part in Kate Takes 5's Listography in ages but when I saw the latest link I couldn't resist.

So here's a trip down my musical memory lane. Enjoy. Maybe?!

My list comprises of, in no particular order:

Baltimore - Tarzan Boy A 7 inch single birthday present!

Aha - Take on me My favourite band from the 80s - HUGE crush on Morten Haarket!

Nena - 99 Red Balloons My sister played this endlessly and I loved it, still do.

Chess the musical - I know him so well I've never seen the musical but my sister - again - had the soundtrack and I listened to it over and over.

Whitney Houston - Somebody who loved me Influenced by my brother this time who loved Whitney.

What's your top five?

x x x


1 September 2012

Goodbye Summer

September is here.

A new school year, a fresh start, a new season just around the corner.

But for now I'm looking back on what has been a fantastic non-stop summer.

Camp Bestival, camping in Devon and Cornwall, a trip to London to meet up with a couple of Twitter lovelies, a couple of nights away just me and the hubby, an emotional trip to Norfolk.

Throw in sleepovers, days out and visits to friends' houses and it's been pretty full on.

Here are some of my highlights, enjoy.

What have been your summer highlights?

x x x
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