2 September 2012

Listography - Top 5 songs I grew up to

I haven't taken part in Kate Takes 5's Listography in ages but when I saw the latest link I couldn't resist.

So here's a trip down my musical memory lane. Enjoy. Maybe?!

My list comprises of, in no particular order:

Baltimore - Tarzan Boy A 7 inch single birthday present!

Aha - Take on me My favourite band from the 80s - HUGE crush on Morten Haarket!

Nena - 99 Red Balloons My sister played this endlessly and I loved it, still do.

Chess the musical - I know him so well I've never seen the musical but my sister - again - had the soundtrack and I listened to it over and over.

Whitney Houston - Somebody who loved me Influenced by my brother this time who loved Whitney.

What's your top five?

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  1. How could I have forgotten A-ha? I was completely in love with Morten.

  2. I plumping for your middle three, love all of those. My sister played Phil Collins a lot so that would be on my list, maybe a bit of Madness, the Police (Roxanne!!!), Marvin Gaye heard it on the grape vine, Hello Lionel Richie, Cindy Lauper. Yep I really should to a list and join up!!! x x x

    I am now currently humming a mix of all these in my head!!!

  3. A-Ha. Definitely one of the first really great music videos :)

  4. OMG - I haven't thought about Chess in years. I loved the musical and had the soudtrack on tape. I knew it so well ;). And 99 red baloons is beautiful even if it is about war.

  5. Love Take On Me! I still smile if I happen to hear it.

  6. Wan't every school girl in love with Morton Haarket?! I love that we can blame our older siblings for our musical mis-tastes :)

  7. I loved A Ha, and I longed to look like Whitney in that video. Nothing like a trip down musical memory lane!

  8. 99 balloons is becoming a big Mummy Memory fave. Me and my sister used to sing along to 'I know him so well' - I do the harmony ;) xx

  9. Loving Whitney and Aha! Great choices!

  10. Wow Baltimore's Tarzan Boy? Haven't thought about that song in AGES. Glad I'm not the only one who remembers 7in singles.

  11. Oh my Tarzan Boy... I had totally forgotten that song! Thanks for the reminder. Aha made my list too but I loved Mags!

  12. I loved AHA, and the video was great!

  13. I loved aha too - the sun always shines on TV would have been my choice but they didn't quite get there

  14. I see A-ha's quite a popular choice in these lists, and rightly so! Love that song. Used to love the Whitney song as well, I think I was about 10 or 11 when that came out and it transports me back to late primary school years... good memories! :-)


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