2 September 2012

#pinaddicts challenge no. 7 - Twine & Bead Bracelet

We all know that summer is coming to a close but new things are around the corner.

Just peeking it's head out around that said corner is a gleaming new website hosting the brand new Pinaddicts Challenge UK. Yes, we had a summer holiday but now it is back!

The #pinaddicts challenge works as follows:

Pin to your #pinaddicts board on Pinterest.

Choose something to make for the challenge.

In your post put the original image with original links.

Post your fantastic effort at recreating.

Link up and go and check out the other #pinaddicts at the NEW SITE!

I've still been busy pinning my challenge inspirations here and decided to have a go at this creation.

Pinned Image
I used a variety of twine and threads - available from any good craft store - and ordered different style clasps from eBay.
I knotted 3 pieces of twine or thread, measuring about 16" long, and threaded a bead onto each strand. I then knotted the three threads together and continued this. I played around a bit with the number of beads and also used thread twice as long which double wrapped itself around my wrist.

And this is how they turned out!
 What do you think?
Now, go and get crafting and join us at the new website!
x x x



  1. They look better than the original!

  2. You are clever, love them. So the order so far for when I move: Bunting, trousers for small waist, big bum and slightly too wide thighs and now one make that lots of these. x x x

  3. Yes - they are lovelier than original. Clever pants! X

  4. They look lovely! Good enough to sell even!

  5. They look great. Might have to try those with my daughter. x

  6. Ooh lovely - you could make so many variations with lots of different beads. A great make!

    A fellow PinAddict

  7. I've just got so excited, this looks like a lot of fun!


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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