30 September 2012

#pinaddicts challenge no. 8 - Tutu Style Wreath

It's Pinaddicts Challenge time again folks! If this is new to you here's the drill:

The #pinaddicts challenge works as follows:

Pin to your #pinaddicts board on Pinterest.

Choose something to make for the challenge.

In your post put the original image with original links.

Post your fantastic effort at recreating.

Link up and go and check out the other #pinaddicts at the NEW SITE!


I've been feeling rather Autumnal this month and have been looking ahead to - dare I say it?! - Christmas. I've even started a Christmas pin board. With this in mind I've been thinking about wreaths and have seen a variety of them being pinned.

I particularly liked this colourful fabric one and this Halloween themed one pictured below.

I wanted to have a trial run before splashing out on Christmas fabrics, and playing around with final ideas, so I hunted down my bag of netting - leftovers from tutu making for Camp Bestival two years ago - and not having any metal or foam rings improvised a bit!
Here's what to do:
Gather the colours of netting you prefer and a ribbon for hanging.
Cut out a card ring approximately 25cm across.
Cut out strips of net approximately 30cm x 3cm. Rolling up the netting first helps save time.
Loop the fabric under the ring, pull the ends through the loop and pull tight.
Continue doing this following your chosen pattern of colours until the ring is full.
I trimmed the straggly ends, added a fabric flower - made for an earlier pinaddicts challenge - and tied on a black ribbon.
It is now hanging in my daughter's bedroom as she helped out a little bit to tie on the strips and she took a fancy to it!
If you've been doing any sort of Pinterest related crafting then come and join us and link up over at the Pinaddicts Challenge website on the first of the month. We would love to see you!

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  1. This looks good! You should also check out www.p2games.co.uk, they have so many great apps for kids!

  2. Love it, it looks brilliant. Now all I need is a daughter who is into ballet rather than dinosaurs. Anyone want to lend me one!

  3. I love this! So many possibilities for it depending on the season and what colours you choose.

  4. Love this! Also doing. Wreaths soon exciting! X

  5. Love it! It looks so cool. Might have to make one of those for Christmas. x


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