20 September 2012

September Update

It's been an emotional month and it isn't over yet.

I turned 36 which means a few more lines and roots needing attention more often.

It was a lovely day although I was still feeling emotional with my Dad passing away only a few days before...

....and Alban starting school *big sniffs*
The good thing about birthdays though is the pressies. I'm still a big kid when it comes to that part.

My sewing machine got an upgrade - I have passed my little pink starter machine onto Edith to make way for this baby...

The amount of features and knobs freaked me out a bit so I warmed up with something I knew I could make using a tried and tested pattern...

I can relax in the Autumn evenings with my current favourite DVD...

But only if I've been good and had some kind of workout....

I've started running again and have been inspired by Spikes and Heels' #OperationHideous. A great gallery of post workout pics. Like Bangs and a Bun says "Look good on rest days."

Oh, and we've acquired a piano from my school - no one can actually play in the house but it's handy for putting flowers on!

x x x



  1. I'm sorry to hear about your dad passing away - I think I missed that post. Happy Birthday and I hope the piano gets as much use in the future (and not for flowers) as I know the new sewing machine will get.

  2. OMG! I am sooo jealous that you will get to watch/discover Homeland - it is just fantastic!! Enjoy!

  3. Had been wondering how you were... So glad you had a nice birthday despite the sadness. Emma PS. I am not only jealous of your new baby, but also your sewing ability and the new piano!! :D

  4. Happy belated birthday. The sewing machine looks great i have some serious machine envy going on. Enjoy the piano every house should have one, as a piano teacher i have two at home, one for me and one for the pupils, is that greedy?
    Louise x

  5. Hmm, I need somewhere to put my flowers - *rushes out to buy piano*


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