23 September 2012

Shred fat girl, shred - update

For the majority of the last four weeks - apart from a big blip when I was in Norwich - I've been watching my calorie intake and following the 30 day shred workout DVD. I was spurred on by lots of 'before and after' images that I had seen floating around on the interweb where the changes were clearly massive. So, how has my body shape changed in the last four weeks?

Well, I have lost 6lbs in weight and shifted two inches from my waist and hips. Visually there doesn't seem to be a major difference but I am feeling better in myself and am noticing clothes fitting more comfortably. The scales currently seem to be refusing to pass through the sub 11 stone marker which is really frustrating but I know I can get there. Or I'll just fiddle the scales.

Anyway, here are the visuals. There is still the 'tummy' to work on and I am still far from being happy with my body. But I am happier.

I hope to be posting some more pics in four weeks and telling you that the scales have shifted below the number 11!
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  1. Well done! Keep it up. I can't tell you how many sets of before photos and measurements I have just waiting for me to achieve anything worthy of an after post. Your afters show a definite change.

    1. Thank you! This is the first time I have actually stuck to something. Now the challenge is to keep sticking to it :D

  2. fantastic job viv, you really CAN see the difference. well done x

  3. That is amazing! I can absolutly see the difference! For a moment I thought I was looking at one of those ads that pops up in my facebook sidebar x

  4. Well done. Been lovely browsing through your blog this evening, loved the fairy grotto day. I'm sorry to read about your Dad. Sending best wishes to you xx

  5. wow! you can genuinely see the difference! How did you find it? I have been very tempted to try it, I love Gillian, but I'm a little scared I'm not up to it physically! I hope you keep getting happier, because you look fabulous x

  6. You can definitely see the difference! Well done you! I skived today. This has spurred me on to get back to it tomorrow!

  7. Can see a big difference, our stomach is flatter and your waist narrower. Brilliant x


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