28 October 2012

Just me and my girl - the beach

There are no beaches in Wiltshire. Which pains me. A lot. And now that the in laws have decided in their *ahem* wisdom to move to France we no longer have Cornwall as a weekend getaway destination. So, we have to make the most of our trips to Norfolk.

It is a bit of a trek to get here and this time it has just been myself and Edith. A girls only road trip if you like. She has been a star and has been desperate to get to the beach - like mother like daughter - so today we went to get our coastal fix. We dodged the showers, flouted the rules of the beach, overdosed on sea air, had a look at the quirky coastal dwellings and picnicked in the car.

It was one of those making memories days - just me and my girl.

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  1. Lovely photos of your making memories day. I love the last one of the two of you together and the 40 shillings sign made me laugh! Thank you for linking up, I know it was an effort from your phone. Enjoy the rest of your time in Norfolk.

  2. I always feel these are the types of days our children will remember. The days we give them our time. Hope all your girlie road trip is fabulous x

  3. What lovely photos :-). I love taking trips with my kids, especially if I am blessed to take one at a time. Hope you both had a treasured time.

  4. Totally agree about the beach, there is something quite invigorating about a walk in a stiff sea breaze to refresh you isn't there? Plus it's a well known fact that fish and chips eaten by the beach have no calories.

  5. Gorgeous photos. And lovely memories to treasure x

  6. That is so lovely! It's so hard to get some one on one time with the children but that looks really appealing. Gorgeous photos x

  7. i am so lucky to live near the beach i really should go more often with my two. i guess WSM is your nearest seaside town maybe? anyway, back to your post you both look like you enjoyed your girls only day and i love your daughters hat. and the best picnics are in the car - i have many childhood memories of picnic being eaten that way!! x


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