10 October 2012

Sad board update

So, the husband asked the teacher at school this morning about any incidents regarding the sad board from yesterday. And guess what? Nothing happened. Alban was "just joking".

We had a little chat tonight about when it is appropriate to be "just joking" and when it isn't. I tried to explain that the idea of him being on the sad board made me sad. I'm not sure he really got it.
I called him a toad.*
His reply?
"That begins with t, t, t, t, toad. I can put that in my sound book!"
Big sigh.
My son**
A nicer looking toad.
x x x
* in an affectionate way
**not really


  1. Haha!

    My daughter (4 1/2) says this ALL the time.

    Reckon it's just a phase*

    *expression for I haven't a clue but hope it doesn't last.


  2. Great, I wasn't very impressed with someone putting my twitter nephew/grandchild (depending on how old I feel!!!) on a sad board! x

    1. Ha ha, well if you're my twitter mum that makes you his twitter grandma!!!

  3. Phew! They are funny aren't they? (sometimes!)... :D


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