18 October 2012


Firstly, to make it clear, I haven't joined the grannies knitting that cereal made by that company!

I have joined a group though. A support group. A motivational group. A 'get off your arse and shift your butt' kind of group. A 'I've had a really bad day and want to eat chocolate, somebody stop me' group.

A group of like-minded individuals currently torturing ourselves following the 30 Day Shred and who are all trying to shift some weight, tone up, lose some inches, eat a better diet and generally feel better about themselves.

Let me introduce you to #theshreddies. Here are the love handles twitter handles of the lovely ladies involved, in no particular order of favouritism.

and me obviously - @MelkshamMum, which you should know!

I'm logging my weight loss at the bottom of this blog and will be posting updates - like this one here, my frustrations and going BAM!

So, if you too are partaking in the shred, or just want to join us for motivational chit chat, find us on Twitter.

x x x


  1. Great idea and thanks for the mention

  2. I'm so glad I found you all. Day 4 and I feel absolutely brilliant, if a little stiff and sleepy. We can so do this!!

  3. I did notice that you took down that chocolate toffee slice I loved so much. Probably best. Good luck!

    1. Edith keeps asking me to make it too! That would be a BAD move ;) The pic is still on the side bar :D


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