1 November 2012

Shabby Chic Rosette Flowers

We are on the home run now for the half term break and I have managed to sneak away to do a bit of crafting with minimum distraction from Edith and Alban. Quite a result on my part.

I have made fabric flowers in the past and have been wanting to make some rosette type ones for a while and I have finally had a go.

I found some old strips of fabric that I had used to make curtains and they measured about 32" long and just over an inch wide. If you want a bigger flower use a longer length and for a smaller flower use a shorter length. I ended up experimenting with two different lengths.

Firstly tie a knot in the end of your fabric strip:

Dab on some fabric glue on top of the knot:

Hold the knot in one hand and start to twist the fabric with the other. Then begin to turn the knot onto the twist. Dab glue continuously as you go:

When you get towards the end of your strip tuck the final couple of inches under the flower and glue down:

Leave the flower to dry:

Have a go with other lengths of fabric and experiment with patterns and colours:

You could sew on a button or sequins at this point but I liked mine plain!

These flowers can be used in a number of ways; attach a safety pin to make a brooch, add a hair slide, tie to a scarf....

I'm going to be using mine in my next Pinaddicts Challenge post coming to this blog soon!

I have now used these flowers here!

Happy crafting!
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  1. Excellent, I need something just like this to add to a bag I'm making. Thanks for the tutorial

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  3. i love Shabby Chic fabric they are simply gorgeous,thankyou for hosting this wonderful giveaway.


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