10 November 2012

Sparkle needed

The new term is underway at work but for some reason I am already shattered. I am normally refreshed and raring to go first week back but this term I think my on switch has got stuck. Maybe it's the weather and the cold? This doesn't normally bother me though. I must sleep this weekend. Recharge the old batteries and all that.

Being back at work and with the children back at school means the housework - gah - piles up and Saturday turns into chore day. Not much fun for anyone. I must get more organised in the week.

I need some sparkle to brighten up the dull days and dark nights.

We had some fireworks in the garden last weekend. That went some way to brighten up the darkness.

Edith and Alban watched from the safety of the conservatory. These being the same children who love the firework extravaganza at Camp Bestival being unsure of a few garden fireworks! Kids.

So, how can I get some sparkle in my life on these dull, dark Autumn / Winter days?
(Camp Bestival not our back garden)
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  1. Need sparkle here too, lots of it!!! x x x

  2. I have been feeling exactly the same this week, for me I think it was such a busy half term with Bonfire night and Halloween parties, friends staying and my Mum then straight back in to the new term and short days. I think the answer is to forget the house work on Saturday, enjoy the daylight hours with the family, then make it all hands on deck to help with the chores as night falls(far too early). More satisfying for everyone especially you so you don't catch up with yourself just as it gets dark again! This is my plan anyway, hope it works for you too.

  3. we didnt see any fireworks this year for one reason or another :( so it is lovely to see photos like yours of some . those camp bestival ones are amazing! x

  4. I don't think the changing of the clocks helps. Soon I will have christmas lights (but not trees etc) up just to brighten things up - especially as it's dark so early.

    Great shots - we also missed fireworks this year.

  5. Great photo's! Don't you just wish Camp Bestival was in your back garden? How to get and maintain some sparkle? Tough one that. Little treats along the way like The Killers, remind yourself once we get to the 21st December, the nights will start to become lighter again... the latter is one that I do! x

  6. love your sparkler photos definitely cheers you up in this dreary days x

  7. Hope some sparkle has come your way since writing this. Winter does seem to have come very early this year. Mich x


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