3 November 2012

The lengths I have to go to for a night out with the husband

With much excitement I found four of these awaiting me on the breakfast table this morning.

To get my mitts on them was no mean feat.

Firstly I had to leave my husband with clear instructions for the tickets I wanted whilst I drove to Norfolk to see my dad for the last time.

After the continuous re-clicking and refreshing on numerous ticket sites he struck gold. Kind of. We have nose bleed seats of the highest extremes. But.....WE HAVE TICKETS!

Ah. We have tickets. What we didn't have is a babysitter. No Grandmas or Grandads up the road. No one to ask to have the children for the weekend - maybe I'm too polite and should ask people?

My mum lives in Norfolk and is unable to stay with our kiddies on her own overnight.

The in laws - as you may know - have abandoned us and now live in the Limousin area of France. My geography of France is rubbish but all you need to know is it is bloody miles away in the middle of nowhere with flights out running about once every six months. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but at this time of year the flights aren't regular.

Anyway, we asked, and Grandma France is flying over next Wednesday so we - as in me and the husband - can actually have a night out.

The lengths I have to go to for a night out with the husband.

Can you beat that for extreme babysitting?!

I'm just praying there are no major disasters between now and then.

Whatever happens I AM GOING!!

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  1. Wow!! That is a jolly nice MiL!! X

  2. Love it. I'm in Israel and my mum's in London. What are the chances?

  3. Wonderful Grandma France! Hope you have a super time. By the way found you via the awesome blog hop which I've now joined with my Lemon Layer Cake blog - http://lemonlayercake.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. Excellent news, When my sister asked my parents if they would come over to look after her kids (all expoenses paid), our crumbies couldn't have been more offended. Apparently, they have done bringing up children!!.

  5. Wow what an extereme, I hope you have a totally amazing time

  6. I hear you!
    My in laws live in Vietnam and my whole family is in Italy, so, yep, flights are required for free babysitting. As my mum speaks no English, it is 3 flights for us rather to go there rather than one for her to come here...I do hear you indeed!
    Enjoy the concert


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