2 December 2012

Slowly but surely

It's taking time but it's getting there.

Over the last three months I have reduced my daily calorie intake and upped my exercise levels. I wouldn't say I've been on a strict diet but I have made sensible choices.

I've learnt to say no to the constant stream of cakes and biscuits in the staff room.

I've learnt about portion control because if it's on my plate I will eat it.

I've learnt not to eat when I'm bored.

I haven't denied myself the things I enjoy though.

I still have full fat mayonnaise - I'm with big Monica from Friends on that one.

I still have fish and chips - occasionally - but I watch the portion size.

I know I could cut out every 'bad' food and eat a lot less and lose more weight a lot quicker. But, I also know I would be miserable.

Anyway, slowly but surely is working for me and over the last three months.....

.....a stone of weight has gone!

To be honest I have been beating myself up a bit over the time it has taken so I thought I would look back to see what that stone actually meant.

Here are some images from a previous update post lined up with today's post workout pics...

Now onto shifting the next stone.
x x x



  1. You look fantastic lovely, well done you!! x

  2. I love shrinking photos :) And you're right - if the weight loss is slow and you're learning to make better choices for life, then it's very likely to stay off for good!

  3. looking good viv, you should be very proud of all that you have achieved x

  4. Woo hoo! Looking good Mrs!! Well done you x

  5. YOu an really see a difference , that's brilliant and a stone can make such a difference. I want to lose two ideally but right now I would be ecstatic to she'd one! And I am so with you on the statements you mentioned, I have learnt to put less on my plate because like you if it's there I finish it all. Also I have a sweettooth and I don't want to never eat cake or biscuits again, so I am learning to moderate my intake of all things yummy but naughty and not buy tempting things to sit in my cupboards, as my will power is rubbish!
    This has inspired me to keep going despite the aches limbs !!
    Thank you x


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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