16 February 2013

A mad week

So this half term has been a wee bit stressful with a series of events giving me weepy eyes, an exploding head and a minor panic attack over letting people down.

I had the intention of covering a full time teaching post from Easter, a decision we didn't make lightly and could only commit to with the help of my in laws who were going to move locally from France to help out. Well, basically be our wraparound childcare so I could get to work before the children turned up - that's kind of important.

Unfortunately a not very pleasant illness has been diagnosed so the in laws, quite rightly, are staying put in France where they are already swiftly being dealt with by their local health service. We now sit and wait.

Meanwhile, the reality set in.

BOOM! Slight panic attack and tears.
"How the hell am I going to get to work and teach 5 days a week and get the children to breakfast club and pay the crappily high fees for after school club where they don't even get a hot meal and then get home to get them a meal and plan my work, and I always said I would never put the kiddies in round the clock childcare to go to work, and, and, and...."
Discussion with hubs ensued and the conclusion was met; I couldn't do it. Ok, fine, I couldn't do it.

"I couldn't do it?!!"
BOOM! Major panic attack and tears.
"I have to tell my boss that I'm letting him down and he'll hate me and I'm causing loads of hassle for him and I've let down the school, and, and, and..."
Hubs words of wisdom?
"Stop worrying, he's paid to sort things out."
That didn't help me. At all.
So, I had to let him know. An email to explain, a text message to warn him of the email and then a meeting.
Luckily my boss is human and understands the stresses of working parents and had already started sorting it all out.
Now, we await the next potential situation that might turn our world upside down again.
Hubs has a job interview.
A bit of a way from home.
Again, we sit and wait.
In the meantime, to top off my mad week I just received a tweet from the MAD Blog Awards to inform me I've been nominated in the Schooldays category. Hoorah!
I'm one of 108, but you never know!
So thank you if it was you.
x x x



  1. It's so frustrating isn't it - you have a job, you are able to work, you need the money, but your children need you at home. Just think, in 10 years they'll be getting themselves breakfast and off to school, they'll be letting themselves in after school and making their own supper. And you'll be able to work from 7 to 7. I wish a speedy recovery to the sick in-law in France.

  2. Sounds like a tough week, not easy trying to plan work with children to consider is it? We've been through something similar recently planning wifey's return to work. Her parents were going to do childcare for the 1 day a week we needed, but her mums cancer has come back so can't do it any more. Now we're trying to find a childminder we like.

  3. Oh my goodness. I am stressed just reading your post. I hope that you can somehow find the right balance that gets you doing what you want to do and takes care of the children. It's one of lifes enigmas though. And I hope that the in-laws are happy and healthy. Love x


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