3 March 2013

Housework & Brownie Points

I came across this blog post on Pinterest and pinned it to my Inspiring/Words board to hopefully give me some inspiration to cheer myself up around the house. Let's see.

10 Simple Things to Make You Happier At Home
Point 7 made me chuckle.
'Do small favors for your housemates, expecting nothing in return (not even a thank you!). (That's right, I said it: nothing!) Mow the lawn for your husband, but don't expect him to pat you on the back. Make the bed for your wife, but don't try to get bonus points for it.'

This morning I have washed up from last night, emptied the tumble dryer, having previously changed the beds and washed the bedding, made breakfast, washed up again, put washing up away, blah, blah, blah...
Does anybody notice? Does anybody comment on it? Of course not.
Later I will tackle the ironing pile for the week, vacuum and clean the bathroom.
Shall I mention any of this? Of course not. I will get on with it - albeit with a frown and a few grunts of discontentment.
Don't get me wrong, the husband cooks on a weekend and puts the bins out on a Tuesday night but should he wash up or deal with the laundry what do I hear?
"I did the washing up today."
"I put the washing machine on." Hmmm yes, and you hung the laundry out in such a manner it is unlikely to dry so I may have done it myself.
I sarcastically give him a Brownie Point - as that is what he secretly wants hence breaking the rule above - and carry on knowing it will never change so I might as well take the advice from Point 5...
'If you can't get out of it, get into it. This tip comes from The Happiness Project. I love the message: The dishes are not going to clean themselves, so you will do it, and you will like it! (Unless, of course, you can outsource this job, in which case I say: Nice work!) Otherwise, get into doing the dishes. Feel the soothing warm water on your hands. Enjoy the tickle of the tiny bubbles. Crank your favorite album at an unusually loud volume, do a couple fist-pumps while shouting "Can I get a hell yeah for the dishes? Hell! Yeah!" and pretend you love it.
"Can I get a hell yeah for the dishes??!!"
I think not.
x x x


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  1. I can get into it sometimes - it's just getting started that's so hard.


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