25 April 2013

Back to work with some Twinkl

I have done it.

I have gone full circle.

Since having my children I have returned to teaching part-time, resigned from teaching, been a SAHM, returned to work as a Teaching Assistant, upped my time to five days a week, taken on a day of teaching cover and now I have just got myself a part-time teaching job again. Phew!

Following much thought, and discussion with the hubs, we decided this made sense on many levels. Better for the children, better financially, better for my state of mind, all in all a better work/life balance.

Work/life balance is something I know loads of us struggle with and within the teaching profession it is a constant battle. The working week of a teacher can be crazy but there is help out there.

In the past I've spent many hours resourcing for my classroom displays, my lessons, my support groups, for home learning. The list is endless.

This takes time but now I have help at hand in the form of the lovely team at Twinkl - some of whom are actually teachers so add that special touch!

Twinkl is an online educational resource site for anyone involved in educating children. They have over 60,000 beautiful hand drawn resources and are used in primary schools and educational settings all over the UK - and the world! For me they are ideal and I have dipped into their maths resources for the intervention work I currently do. They also realise the importance of parents as educators and have a section devoted to this area here. I really like the activities links here that include games, colouring, play dough mat templates and even recipes. If you need something topic specific this can be easily searched for - currently our disasterous lovely Spring is inspiring many classrooms and I've been delving into the seaside section in readiness for summer topic work.

Many of the resources are free but Twinkl offer a premium subscription to users who wish to access a further 10,000 resources. This costs £29.99 per year. To me this is a small price to pay for the time saving involved and the subscriptions give Twinkl the financial support to keep adding more and more excellent resources to the site.

Click the banner for more information:

You can also find the twinkl community on Facebook and Twitter.
Disclaimer: the lovely folks at Twinkl gave me a year's free subscription to their premium service in return for a review of their site. As always my opinions are my own.


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  1. Congrats on the new job! Twinkl are great aren't they? And very lovely too! :)


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