20 May 2013

Happiness is....

Happiness is....

....losing another pound in the challenge to get to single figures on the dreaded scales.

....a perfectly soft, and chewy in all the right places, flapjack after a workout.

....the realisation that life is actually too short not to enjoy a slice of flapjack.

....the realisation that the number on the scales isn't the be all and end all.

....having a day off at the end of this week - like gold dust in my line of work.

....having a family holiday next week that doesn't involve a tent.

But sod all that.

These arrived in the post today so I'm on countdown until I get myself some me time with another Prosecco fuelled train trip to London!


The Killers, Wembley

x x x



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  1. Ohh good taste! I had a dream I went to see The Killers the other night but sadly not true..Hope you enjoy your upcoming day off and well done on both loosing the weight and the realisation that flapjacks are just too good not to eat x


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