18 May 2013

Motivational Words

I haven't blogged about it in a while but I've still been plodding slowly away in the background trying to grind away those pesky pounds. I had that initial burst, a lull, and then slowly, but surely things started to change as posted about here.
It continues to be an up and down journey and I've never declared the words, "I'm on a diet", as that would guarantee failure.
I've watched with interest posts about the 5:2 diet but just know I would not cope on the fast days running around after 6 year olds at work.
Being at work is easier. Breakfast is a bowl of Granola, for lunch I take in a box of healthy crudités - cucumber, carrot, cherry tomatoes, celery, grapes - a small pot of hummus and a few breadsticks, I forgot the latter yesterday and still survived, then I eat at 5 with the children where I have significantly cut down my portion size and refuse to hoover up their leftovers!
Currently I am back in the zone of exercising, once the children are down for the night. It is this that often gives first and I continue to be an 'All or Nothing' type.
This morning I stepped onto the scales and am so close to crossing the two-digit number barrier - you work it out! - and this motivates me to carry on.
I also look on my Motivation - the words Pinterest board for some arse kicking words of advice when I feel I'm about to slip.
It's never a question of can you, but will you?Don't stop until you're proud
And when I look like that I will be posting a picture!
So, what's your motivation?
x x x
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  1. I'm just starting out on my 'weight loss journey' and it is really tough but those are definitely good motivational words


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