10 May 2013

Ranty Friday - Size isn't everything

I drive an economical little car which is ideal for my work commute and pootling around in.

It is small. It is not the coolest car in the world - by a long shot.


I am fed up with people pulling out in front of me at the last minute.

I am fed up with people in the local country lanes almost running me off the road.

I am fed up with people driving up my bumper as I stick to the village speed limits.

I am fed up with people like the woman this morning, unsurprisingly driving a BMW X5*, hurtling off the main road into the Lane on which I live, coming head to head with me forcing me to stop then just sitting there looking down at me waiting for me to reverse a good 40 metres back up the road.

Which I did.


But I was in a good mood.

If it was Monday the ending may have been different.

Hyundai i10

So, drivers of excessively large cars, stop treating me like crap in my little car. One day I plan to buy a beat up Landrover Defender and I WILL get my own back.

I'm having a rant.


So am linking up with Mummy Barrow's Ranty Friday...

x x x
* Disclaimer: I am not assuming all drivers of BMW X5s, and the like, are so arrogant. Just most some of them.



  1. You could have made her wait a bit before backing up - just to teach her a lesson. You are the better woman.

  2. Ugh bad manners on the road drive me to despair!

  3. I wonder if some drivers would act in the same way when they are pedestrians


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