25 June 2013

Don't EVER say I'm too old for this!

So, I finally got my latest dose of 'me time'.

I need my 'me time' - just a little break from home, family, work, reality. It doesn't happen that often, it is always planned well in advance and I always have a damn good time.

My latest dose was prescribed to include the following; London, The Killers, Wembley Stadium, Prosecco and my fellow 'escapee'. A pretty good combination I'd say.

Nothing was going to spoil my weekend away.

I intend to have these 'me times' on a continual basis.

So, to the 'young' bitter killjoy concert attendee who seems to think people over 25 are too old to be out on a Saturday night ENJOYING themselves - get over yourself love and realise that one day you too will be the grand old age of 36 and may want to get away for a good time and enjoy yourself with 80,000 odd other people rather than listening to bitching and moaning.

Rant over.

Here's some pics.....

Happy Days!

Wembley Stadium, The Killers, June 22 2013
Wembley Stadium, The Killers, June 22 2013
Prosecco at Wembley Stadium, The Killers, June 22 2013
Wembley Stadium, The Killers, June 22 2013

Wembley Stadium, The Killers, June 22 2013

Wembley Stadium, The Killers, June 22 2013
Camden, London
Camden, London

I'm younger - just - than Ronnie Vannucci for goodness sake and look at what he does....

I'm not old for all of this.

Am I?!
x x x


16 June 2013

Butlin's Minehead 2013 - An honest review

I seriously cannot believe how time flies. Three weeks ago we were packing for our first family minus a tent and let me tell you that made preparations slightly easier! As you may know I love camping but it was nice to just pack a suitcase and some food basics to get us going.
I wasn't really sure what to expect when preparing for Butlin's. I had read many reviews, such as Mummy Mishaps', but still I needed to believe it for myself. Would a holiday camp be our thing? Would the smiley-smiley staff be too much?!
Well, here's what we thought.
Here is our complete review of Minehead Butlin's....

We arrived on a stereotypical wet bank holiday Monday pretty much at the designated check-in time. This made the arrivals area like an airport check in with families milling around with trolleys full of luggage and faces full of expectation. I was still wondering what to expect. I went to the wrong check-in and was directed round the corner to Gold Reception who then told me my arrival package was back in Guest Services. Awaiting me here was the very chirpy Michael who talked me through my maps and guides. The guide was essentially a day to day timetable of events, shows, entertainment, crafts and opening times so we were able to plan out some of our days. And I like to plan!

9 June 2013

Summer Bucket List {#pinaddicts June}

Finally, we have had a whole week of good weather - A WHOLE WEEK! And as soon as that sun starts to shine for more than a day I like to make plans. Summer plans.
Today I asked the kiddies what they wanted to do this summer and instead of just talking about it we put our plans down on paper. So nobody would forget!
I pinned this image a while ago to my Pinterest For the kiddywinks board - and it has since been repinned to my #pinaddicts board.
Here's what we did.

6 June 2013

Beach life

So, we had our first family break minus a tent last week. Which had its plus points - it is kind of nice to not have to put up or take down your holiday accommodation. Saying that I am still a camping girl and the tent will be coming out soon.

We decided to leave our base for a day and, with the picnic packed, headed out to explore the North Devon coastline of Exmoor and beyond. The winding roads, that went on far longer than the route app had predicted, coupled with the threat of car sickness from the backseat, tried to spoil the day but it was all worth it when we found a quiet coastal town, and further along the coast, vast sandy beaches.

All in all a perfect day which ignited my desires to own a campervan and dream the dream of living the beach life.
One day maybe.

Lynton & Lynmouth


1 June 2013

Butlin's Minehead - our first family holiday minus a tent

We did it!
We completed our first family holiday minus a tent.
Thank you Butlin's Minehead!

Butlin's 2013 - Minehead Melksham Mum

I have to be honest with you and say that Butlin's was never on my radar for a holiday destination. I didn't think it would be 'me'. However, since being involved with the Butlin's Ambassadors programme I had heard families raving about the place and was intrigued at what we would find on our first Butlin's experience.

We were not disappointed!

Here's a little video montage of just a snippet of Edith and Alban's best bits. Enjoy!

x x x

I will be posting an in-depth review of our 4 night break soon.

Disclaimer: The holiday was paid for by Butlin's as part of my role as a Butlin's Ambassador. As always my views and opinions are honest and are mine.
© 76 sunflowers

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