25 July 2013

Camp Bestival 2013 {One week to go - plans!}

Camp Bestival 2013 One week to go!

It is one week to go until we are driving down to Lulworth for Camp Bestival 2013 and the planning is go, go, go!

The list has been written, the tent has been aired, car to campsite transport checked - good old Phil & Teds and now we are planning what we want to see and do.

There is a wealth of stuff to keep the kiddies busy and these are just a few of the things on their list this year...

Art Town...

Camp Bestival Art Town

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo...

Camp Bestival Erth's Dinosaur Zoo

Horrible Histories...

Camp Bestival Horrible Histories

Silly Science...

Camp Bestival Silly Science


Camp Bestival Jousting

Shlomo's Beatbox Adventure for Kids...
Camp Bestival Shlomo
And me?
Well, if the kiddies are happy then I'm happy but I will be dragging them into the Big Top on Sunday night armed with their ear defenders so I can dance my backside off to my favourite act of the festival...
Camp Bestival dan le sac vs Scroobius Pip
dan le sac vs Scroobius Pip

If you see me there come and say hello!
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  1. I'm so looking forward to seeing how you get on. We had an amazing time as a family at Latitude (http://www.freeourkids.co.uk/festival/) but have been wondering whether Camp Bestival might suit us better next year, once we have another tiny one in tow...

    1. I love the look of Latitude but a pain to get to from here and in school time too :( Downside to teaching! Camp Bestival is fab for ALL ages :)

  2. Oh god, I have so much to do, need to buy another tent still!

    1. Oh no! I'm trying to find a decent big brolley. To use an a sunshade. Obviously!

  3. I WANT TO GO!!!!! I remember your posts about this from last year and I wanted to go then too but I was too pregnant. This is SO on my list for next year though once Little Man is a bit more mobile and able to get stuck in. Now just to persuade OH that we don't have to stay in a hotel nearby... :) Have a wonderful time, can't wait to read about it x

  4. wow - you will have a ball! though I admit I would be a little frightened by the dinosaur zoo... ;)

  5. How quickly a year passes by eh! Can't wait, we are so bloooomin excited here! Bring it on :) see you in the bar x

  6. So much to see, so much to do! How will I sleep between now and then!
    Am so going to find you!


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