31 July 2013

Flowers, bugs & fairy wands

Yesterday we were very lucky to have spent the day with the wonderful folk at Yeo Valley HQ in Blagdon, Somerset in order to promote their tree planting work with The Woodland Trust. We have always been a fan of their goods and love to support local British farming. The fact that they are based in the beautiful Mendips is an added bonus.
I mean, what a view!

Yeo Valley HQ - the view

The Yeo Valley and Woodland Trust team led a group of eager bloggers and children on a history timeline lesson of the area, a leaf hunt, bug hunt, mini den building, fairy wand making and photo opportunities in the most amazing floral garland whilst also keeping our tummies full with a lovely lunch and snacks - which of course included their delicious yoghurts and ice-cream.

For me it was great seeing Edith and Alban appreciating the great English countryside whilst enjoying each other's company; helping each other, working together and persevering at their activities. A personal heart melting moment was when shy girl Edith spoke to the wonderful guide, Les. Nothing for some children but quite a step for her.

Here are just some of our best bits...

Yeo Valley HQ Bedford Van

Yeo Valley - timeline

Yeo Valley Bug Hunt

Yeo Valley Bug Hunt

Yeo Valley - ready for mini den building

Yeo Valley mini den building fun

Yeo Valley mini den

Yeo Valley Fairy Wands

Yeo Valley Garland

And how beautiful does this empty can of beans look?!

Yeo Valley flowers in a bean can!

For more information on Yeo Valley and their work with the Woodland Trust click the pic...

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Disclaimer: We were invited by Yeo Valley and The Woodland Trust. Lunch and a range of Yeo Valley goodies were provided free of charge. As always my opinions are mine and are open and honest.



  1. What a great day it sounds! Love the flower wreath! How beautiful! :)

    1. Isn't it?! I would love that hanging on my door!

  2. Brilliant day! they do proper Brilliant Days at Yeo Valley.
    Lovely to see you and your lovely kids.
    am very impressed with the click the photo thing.

    1. Wow, I've impressed you with my techiness?!! Lovely to see you too x

  3. It was such a good day. My shy girl also just walked up to Les to ask him a question about clover. I was amazed!

    1. He was great though! Edith was desperate to tell him we had got a moth in the bug pot!

  4. oh you took some lovely photos - i love the one of Edith and Alban (love his name) running with their wands in the air and the one of the three of you in the floral wreath :)
    and i had to laugh at my photo taking pursed lips in one of your pics lol
    Les (thanks for that) was really engaging and the children all liked him didnt they?
    You are lovely Viv and i love your hair the cut and the colour - so suits you. i look forward to meeting again x x

  5. Thanks Jenny! Lovely to see you again too. It was a great day and the kiddies are still talking about it :)

  6. It was lovely to see you at Yeo Valley, and you got some fabulous photos. Must chat properly next time, it was just so hectic with the kids there.

  7. Lovely photos, you have a gorgeous little family and it makes me excited to see what Iyla and Jobey will be like when they're older! Yeo Valley do fab days, and I'm still so glad it didn't rain! x

  8. lovely photos! Love your wreath shot too. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and do feel free to pin away! Hopefully see you soon and be able to actually chat! xx

  9. You took some fantastic photos, it was a lovely day wasn't it! x

  10. Beautiful photos really showing off the children's exuberance and enthusiasm. Such a wonderful day.


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