31 August 2013

The National Trust for children {Blickling Hall}

As a child I have many memories of being dragged around stuffy stately homes by my parents, many of which belonged to the National Trust. I wouldn't say I hated going to these places, I always loved the outdoor spaces they provided, but the houses were never -  how can I put it? - welcoming for youngsters. Sometimes it felt like I dare not move for fear of knocking something over or I dare not make a sound for fear of being shushed at. Fortunately this has changed, a lot, as we now find ourselves as parents dragging our two around the same places! A favourite of mine has always been Blicking Hall, near Aylsham, in Norfolk.

Blickling Hall, Norfolk National Trust

I recently took the kiddies to Norfolk and we spent a lot of time on the beaches but I also took them to Blickling where we loved exploring the gardens, testing the sun dial, riding the statues, playing in the park, exploring the artefacts, sketching in the Long Gallery, giving dogs sticks, finding beautiful hydrangeas, walking through the orchard and playing with large garden games in the grounds. The children also completed two trails around the extensive house where National Trust volunteers were more than happy to help and chat with them - this is a definite change for the better since I went as a child.

Blickling Hall
Interactive sun dial at Blickling Hall
Statues at Blickling Hall
Blickling Hall Gardens
Children's play area in the orchard at Blickling Hall
Keeping busy in the house at Blickling Hall
Statues and hydrangeas at Blickling Hall
The Orchard and garden games at Blickling Hall

Have you noticed any changes at National Trust properties?
Which properties would you recommend for families?

I'm linking up to the excellent Country Kids...

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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  1. I am glad that they changed so it was better for the children - looks like you had a great day and they enjoyed it.

    I'm wondering if Aston Hall is National Trust as they had trails too, and things for them to dress up in, and a craft activity.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful!

    We're off to Wickham Fen this weekend, which is National Trust, but very outdoorsy!

  3. Gosh it looks lovely there, Can I really admit this? I'm not sure I've ever been to any National Trust properties, or maybe just not knowingly! #whoops Mich x

  4. They have come along way - I think the NT realise the importance of families and know that they have to accommodate children and are now fab at hosting events and activities for the whole family. Thanks for linking up and sharing your family fun with Country Kids.

  5. When we were in the UK we went to quite a few NT and Historic Scotland properties, the activities etc. for kids were always pretty good, certainly better than I remember as a child! Lovely photos of your day, looks like great fun :)

  6. I think they are getting a lot better. Had a lovely time at Arlington Court a couple of years ago. There was a fantastic volunteer who spontaneously brought the carriage area alive for the children. Found them a bit more nervous of the children in the house and the teasels on the delicate seats always crack me up. I guess they are only as good as the volunteers.

  7. They have definitely got more inviting for children. I remember, like you, feeling worried that I might break something when we were dragged around them as kids. Now we love going on a national trust day out (I blogged that this week for #countrykids myself). Near us there is Anglessey Abbey and Wimpole Hall and Home Farm - we love them and go so often. We also visited Antony House, Saltram, Agatha Cristie's house (Greenacre) and Cothele in Devon/Cormwall recently.

  8. We used to love wandering around National Trust homes & gardens before the kids came along; they're probably old enough now that they could enjoy it with us. Thanks for this! great photos


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