23 September 2013

Musing on a Monday {worry}

I'm a worrier.
I worry too much.
I worry so much that it often consumes every square millimetre of my head until I explode. Usually when the wrong person is nearby.

I'm still stood at that fork in the road daring to turn right.
I worry what will happen if I do go right.
I worry what will happen if I carry on to the left.

I'm often told to stop worrying.
But somebody has to, don't they?
If I don't worry then things won't get sorted - that's my twisted logic.
I can't let things drop.
I think I need to worry. It's become an obsession.

It's not healthy is it?

I need to take this on board...

And believe this...

Every little thing is gonna be alright

 x x x
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  1. From one worrier to another, there are times when worrying helps, and others when it does no use at all. I heard a useful piece of advice recently: "There is no use worrying about something you can do nothing about." I now divide my worries into two piles: things I can do something about (my work deadlines, chores etc) and things I can't (anything else). If I can do something about it then I crack on with the job and get it done. If it's something that is out of my hands then I try to push it out of my head as it's just taking up vital space.

  2. OMG I am a total worrier- about everything- even when it hasn't even reared it's head yet! lol It is easier said than done to put hings aside and try not to worry but in reality it is always there. I wish I could just deal with things as they came up- in a glass half full sort of way :)

  3. I wish I could get my FIL to take that advice. He worries about everything, but doesn;t understand that his actions make everyone else worry about him

  4. me too! Complete and utter worrier! I get myself so tied up in knots!
    Just last week I had a right old sob ... and my other half thinks I'm nuts ;)
    But he is so laid back I swear I worry for the both of us!

  5. Worrying creeps in, usually for stuff I can't change so I have to push it back out my brain again!

  6. I hope your ok? I think we all worry even when life is going good.

  7. It's a bit like telling someone who is depressed to 'cheer up' isn't it? Well dur, obviously if it was that easy then you would!

  8. I'm working on that too. I have wasted such a lot of my life worrying about what has just happened and what is about to happen, and not enough time just being in what is happening. I have got better over the past few years, and I'm now much more aware of when it's happening, which somehow eases it. I can hear the worrying going on in my mind, and I try to let it slip past (sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't...) and I concentrate instead on something that brings me into the present - something I can touch, be grateful for, smell or see close-up. That helps for me, it might help you too?

  9. I also worry far too much, well I seem to go through phases where I don't but then something will happen and shatter my positivity and make me worry again. I think it's worse since having kids as there is so much more to lose. I love the quote 'worrying will never change the outcome' - so true! x

  10. I worry all the time, even when everything is well I worry that it's too good to be true lol! I like the saying that worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do...but gets you nowhere! ;-)

  11. I hope that vocalising it will be the start of making you worry less?


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