3 September 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013 {update}

So, the summer holidays are over and I thought I would see how much of our Summer Bucket List we actually achieved. We gathered our ideas back in June with the idea being if it was on the list it would get done! Well, did we do it?!
Here's some evidence...
Go to Camp Bestival:

Fairy hugging at Camp Bestival 2013
Camp at Greenacres:
Space to play at Greenacres

Go stargazing:

Star gazing

Go to a beach:

Wells next the sea

Go to Norfolk:

Blickling Hall, Norfolk National Trust

Fly a kite:

Norfolk Beach Life - Melksham Mum

Watch the sunset:

The Big Feastival sunset

Visit a castle:

Lulworth Castle

Go on a nature walk:

Yeo Valley - timeline

Build a garden fort:

Garden fort

Visit a museum {The MShed, Bristol}:

The MShed Bristol

Here are the facts!...

Summer Bucket List 2013 {Update}

22 smileys vs 13 sad faces. Not too bad but not great.
The excuses?!:
Of the sad faces some were financial as I left these to the end of the summer and my holiday budget was kind of gone. Also have you seen zoo prices? They are high!
The camp fire was bad planning on my part - forgetting to book a fire pit at Greenacres.
Camping in the garden didn't happen due to this and being too shook up to camp out there.
The rest? Well, we have had such a jam packed summer I'm not feeling too bad about them and some can easily be passed over to an Autumn Bucket List!
How was your summer? Do everything as planned?!

Update: I've just looked back at our achievements and realised they are pretty much all outdoors. So, because of that I'm linking this up to the awesome Country Kids. Go check it out!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
x x x


  1. Summer to do lists are the best. I love that you have photographic evidence of yours! We did pretty well. No kite flying because it broke, we didn't quite get around to painting with our feet (the mess!) and, like you, there was one museum trip that was just that little bit too pricey. All in all, a fantastic summer, though. Looks like yours was too. Laura x

    1. Next year I may budget better for the bucket list! Thanks for your comment. We did have a fab summer and the bucket list DID push us to do more :)

  2. We didn't make a list this year, but I think we should have. your list is amazing and you did so well getting so much done. x

  3. A great list and well done for getting through so many! At least you will have the half term list already sorted, thanks for sharing your lovely photos with Country Kids.

  4. We went to Norfolk too - huzzah! But we didn't do Bestival - boo. Looks like you had a great summer despite the little smattering of sad faces. :)

  5. What a fab bucket list, and great that you did so many of the things on it.

  6. I love that you had to make a to do list to make sure you had fun! Actually we forgot to do so much maybe we need to do that next year. Lovely photos x

  7. Summer bucket lists are the best! We wrote far too much down as usual, but did the most important ones, so everyone is happy. Best part is that the children can see which items were ticked off. So often they forget the earlier ones. I'm saving the zoo for half term. That's my excuse anyway!

  8. That is great list, and glad you managed to pack so much in. We did not have a list but we did so very very much. Actually I may use your list to start planning half term.


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