1 October 2013

Don't mention the 'C' word

The 'C' word?!

*whispers* C*******s

It's already starting to be pinned all over the internet and I've heard rumours of it appearing in supermarkets already and it's only October. Why are people already thinking about it?
I shouldn't pass comment really as we are already looking ahead here as we have decided we need to plan a whole lot better this year. We need to think more carefully about the £s and the ps as recent life changes have impacted the amount of those we have floating around.

So, for the first time in probably forever I have started to sell stuff. Much to the bemusement of the children, baby and toddler toys have slowly been leaving the house as stranger after stranger rings my doorbell with money in their hands in exchange for much loved toys from the past. Each and every pound that has been handed over has carefully been put away in readiness for the festive period. Good planning hey? And the children don't mind, too much.

There were a few, "But we still play with the Happyland", which they don't but it still made me feel guilty and brought back memories of them eagerly unwrapping all these toys over Christmas pasts. Then I did that silly thing of trawling through photo albums and getting weepy over their past Christmases..

Memories of Christmas past

Not a good move.

But, with my new positive head on my strong shoulders I am looking forward and making plans. And writing Christmas lists. I'm still going to be dropping hints about what I'd like Santa to stuff down my chimney. Top of my wishlist is some pretties for my garden shack like the Vintage Ivy range from dotcomgiftshop...

dotcomgiftshop vintage ivy
So with a bit of care and forward thinking we can save some pennies, begin to grab those Christmas bargains off the supermarket shelves - and not eat the tins of chocolates by mid November, buy new toys to replace the old and most importantly create a fresh set of loving and happy memories.
Have you started to think about the 'C' word yet and what's on your wishlist?
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  1. I must admit I stock up throughout the year if I see something! Just bought the boys some lovely wooden toys for their upcoming birthday's/Christmas though. I desperately need some new boots for winter so they are high on my list!

    1. Stocking up is good! And boots, yes, always room for another pair!

  2. My expensive skincare, surely 'C' can be a chance for someone else to shell out for that? Otherwise perfume, jewellery and all the usual stuff. I'm very easy to please!


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