25 January 2014

365 #4 {Frustrations...}

It's always the way.
Just as I am getting into the full swing of fitness again along comes a cold which, on top of the working end of the week, means no running for a few days.
That has really bugged me but I'm taking that as a good sign.
Not all doom and gloom though as the weather has been good - for a short while.
I seriously need more sunshine though.

365 #4

Project 365 day 19 - Bradford on Avon // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 20 - Frosty morning // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 21 - Cobweb // 76sunflowers

18 January 2014

365 #3 {Healthy me, happy me...}

Another week has flown by.
The 'healthy me, happy me' programme is going full swing and I now have a fitness aim as I'll be running nearly five miles next month as part of Team Honk's efforts for Sport Relief - more on that in another post.
All in all it was a good week for the old 'work/life' balance.

365 #3

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11 January 2014

365 #2 {Back to it...}

So it seems like Christmas was a lifetime ago and we are well and truly back into the routine of school and work.
I maybe counting down the weeks to half term already.
I am however determined to make the most of my days off at the beginning of the week before the mayhem of work kicks in.

365 #2

Project 365 // 76 sunflowers
Project 365 // 76 sunflowers
Bath Abbey Project 365 // 76 sunflowers

4 January 2014

365 #1 {New Beginnings...}

It seems apt to think about new beginnings seeing as this is my first blog post of 2014.
I know it sounds clich├ęd to start afresh at the beginning of a new year but it works for me.
Christmas was fabulous - although the husband spent almost 72 hours of it in bed with flu which gave me the opportunity to shine with my roast producing skills, every cloud and all that.
But I over indulged.
I fell spectactularly off the healthy living wagon and enjoyed far too much food, chocolate and alcohol.
So the new year is perfectly timed for me.
A time to set some challenges.

For the first time I'm setting myself the goal of participating in Project 365. I snap away loads on my phone anyway but not necessarily every day or with a purpose. Work days might be challenging.

365 #1

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