29 March 2014

Foodie delights at Camp Bestival

Regular readers of 76sunflowers will know that I am a big fan of Camp Bestival enjoying not just the music and entertainment but the fine array of foods!

Camp Bestival Foodie Delights // 76sunflowers

This year the area of food has definitely not been overlooked with the introduction of The Feast Collective...

 The Feast Collective Camp Bestival 2014

Camp Bestival themselves say...

Food has always been one of the stars of the show at Camp Bestival and The Feast Collective will take it to the next level, showcasing a heavenly selection of the exquisite things happening in the food scene right now, with a carefully curated collection of appetising offerings complementing each other perfectly. Situated in front of the Castle with views of the main stage and plenty of green spaces to picnic, The Feast Collective will be a space where all the family wants to hang out. With long tables for communal dining, a bar with mixologists, talks, demos and the hustle bustle of a trading market space, it will be THE destination to head for food and drink.

With one of my favourite bands, James, playing and a fabulous foodie line up it looks like Camp Bestival have nailed it again.

Roll on Summer 2014! 
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Camp Bestival Official Blogger
Disclaimer: I am receiving family Camp Bestival 2014 tickets in return for previews and reviews of this year's festival. As always, views and opinions are my own.


365 #13 {Must get organised...}

It's been a pretty non descript week but one which has made me realise that I am going to have to get even more organised at home after the Easter holidays as full time work looms.

365 #13

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22 March 2014

365 #12

Not sure what to call this week so let's get straight to the photos...

365 #12

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Project 365 day 76 - Spring blossom // 76sunflowers
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15 March 2014

365 #11 {Sunshine & mail}

Spring teased us a little this week. Inner coat linings were removed. Then it got cold again. It's always the way isn't it?
As I sit editing this with the final photo it is glorious outside. Let's hope it remains so.

365 #11

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13 March 2014

Spring colour {HDYGG}

Last week the sun shone on my HDYGG post but it did not want to play ball today - Tuesday - when I went out for a potter around.
Still, I found a little bit of colour.

Primulas  // 76sunflowers
Primulas // 76sunflowers
Lupins // 76sunflowers
Mini daffodils // 76sunflowers
Mini daffodils // 76sunflowers
Spring buds // 76sunflowers
Garden preparation // 76sunflowers
Picket fence // 76sunflowers
Chickens // 76sunflowers
Chickens // 76sunflowers

The primulas have just about survived unscathed from the chickens. I'm so glad as they add a vibrant splash of colour to the garden.
The lupins however tell a different story. These have had to be moved off the patio out of reach of the chooks!
I had completely forgotten about the mini daffodil bulbs and it was so nice to find a small spread of these yellow delights bobbing in the breeze.
Spring buds have started to appear on neighbouring bushes and shrubs but the vegetable garden at the end of the garden remains untouched in two weeks.
The old picket fence will have to remain for now - one day it will need replacing but seeing as no one knows who is fully responsible for boundaries and having gone 50/50 in the past we are held on this one.
Finally, the chickens are back free range following two big fence panels being replaced so, fingers crossed, the chooks are free to roam. Until we re seed the lawn!

Linking up with Annie...
Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?
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8 March 2014

365 #10 {Ups and downs}

It's been a week of ups and downs.
Bright sunshine one minute, hail and rain the next.
Running happily one minute, biting my lip trying not to cry in frustration the next.
I need more ups than downs.
Luckily the week ended with more ups.

365 #10

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6 March 2014

Spring growth {HDYGG}

Following on from the veggie plot preparation last week I turned my attentions to the top end of the garden with its mass collection of pots - some in a better state than others.

Spring garden // 76sunflowers
Spring garden // 76sunflowersSpring garden // 76sunflowers
Spring garden // 76sunflowers
Spring garden // 76sunflowers

I got up close to the pots on the patio.
I love how the rain water has collected in the tulips.
I've decided that this year I'd like to get involved more. Maybe sow a few seeds, plant the potatoes, grow some sunflowers. I think I should seeing as I put in the hard graft last week with the digging.
There won't be any more gnomes appearing that's for sure.

Head on over for some more garden delights with Annie...

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?
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4 March 2014

"It can protect the Galaxy!" {TabZoo Review}

Modern day life has definitely infiltrated the 76sunflowers household.
I used to be one of those new parents that always said my children wouldn't watch television.
I had dreams of them curling up on the sofa with their little heads buried in books 24/7.
Or running around the garden all day long playing with their imaginations like I did as a 7 year old.
I was brought up in a TV free household so didn't have any distractions.
Now though life has changed.
They are growing up in the 'internet, mobile phone, tablets as the norm' generation. And it's scary.
I'm not stupid though. My head isn't buried in the sand. I look around now as I type and I can see an iPad, Galaxy tablet, Samsung mobile, iPhone, DS and two laptops. The children know how to use the majority of them.

My girl in particular uses the Galaxy tablet and up until now it has been kept in a fabric cover. It needed something more substantial so we were very happy to be asked to review the TabZoo Protective Tablet Sleeve from Lazerbuilt.

These are clearly aimed at the fast growing child market and come in two sizes, 8" and 11", designed to be compatible with many devices.

TabZoo tablet coverTabZoo tablet cover
The seven year old has been practising her Word skills. Here's what she thought....

Tab Zoo

1.          I really like it because I like the stand on it.

2.        It can protect the Galaxy.

3.        I like it because it is very good how they made the stand.

4.        I like the animal pattern.

5.        I would like to have the hippo one as well.

The covers come in a variety of eye catching animal designs providing protection with anti-shock EVA padding and a rather cleverly designed viewing stand - I'm rather tempted to get a bigger one for myself.
The complete range is available online.

For more information you can follow Lazerbuilt on Twitter or see the TabZoo Facebook page.

x x x

Disclaimer: We were sent a free TabZoo Panda 8" Tablet Cover for review purposes. As always, words and opinions are our own.

2 March 2014

Simple Spring things

Yesterday the sun shone brightly.
I knew it wouldn't last so I took the children out on a little walk.
Well, a four mile stretch but I didn't tell them that before we left the house.
We walked part of my regular running route and it was so nice to go at a slower pace and spot the many things I would usually miss.
It was one of those joyous days where no plans were made, no money was spent, nobody moaned and we appreciated Spring.

Spring daffodils // 76sunflowers
Spring flowers // 76sunflowers
Spring hedgerows // 76sunflowers
Spring walk // 76sunflowers
Spring walk // 76sunflowers
Spring flowers // 76sunflowers
Spring garden // 76sunflowers
Spring walk // 76sunflowers
Spring fields // 76sunflowers

Daffodils by the bus stop waiting for that extra bit of sun before bursting fully open, flowers by the roadside and in the hedgerows. Wellies up-cycled on gates and hanging from trees, willow trees hanging over streams by the farm and geese strutting through the green fields.

I fell a little bit more in love with this small corner of the world I call home. My dreams for a cottage reignited with a garden full of character. And the realisation I must look around more all of the time and appreciate the simple little things in life.

x x x

1 March 2014

365 #9 {Light & Spring}

Half term flew by far too quickly and now it feels like we've been back at school forever.
Luckily splashes of light and Spring colour have buoyed us along.

365 #9

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