26 April 2014

365 #17 {Growth}

So, I survived my first full week at work since 2008!
Well, I say full, the Bank Holiday Monday made it a nice way to ease back into it.
The family unit is growing stronger and working as a team to make it work.
I managed to take a picture everyday too.
I fear this may slip in the future.

365 #17

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19 April 2014

365 #16 {Holidays part 2}

I attempted to put work out of my mind for this second half of the holidays, at least during the waking hours.
Sleep was another matter.
I had no control over the constant dreams and panic that sets in overnight.
Luckily the daytimes were sunny although we decided to add some extra stress to our lives!

365 #16

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18 April 2014

Easter at Stourhead {Country Kids}

We got out into the sunshine today and explored one of our favourite places, Stourhead.
The children had an Easter trail to complete whilst I just wanted fresh air and some space to stretch my legs.
We retraced paths that we had trodden time and time again.
And found new paths to take to explore new things.

Stourhead // 76sunflowers
Stourhead // 76sunflowers
Stourhead // 76sunflowers
Stourhead // 76sunflowers
Stourhead // 76sunflowers
Stourhead // 76sunflowers
Stourhead // 76sunflowers
Stourhead // 76sunflowers
Stourhead // 76sunflowers
Stourhead // 76sunflowers

Followed the clues, answered the questions and discovered new paths.
Saw the obelisk in the distance and I wondered why, during all our previous visits, we had never ventured up to it before?
Took in the calm of the lake surrounded by grottos and temples.
Scrambled up through the rocks leading to the Temple of Apollo and found my favourite view.
Rolled down slightly smaller hills.
And finally the children claimed their much deserved prize.

We never tire of this beautiful place.

Linking up to Country Kids...

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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12 April 2014

365 #15 {Holidays}

Yes, it's the holidays!
Although our holidays are of the 'staycation' variety due to the husband's business.
I'm trying not to countdown the days to the *whispers* full time work.
Instead I plan to chill and enjoy.

365 #15

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5 April 2014

365 #14 {Emotional females}

It was an up and down week of mixed emotions.
Simple as that really.

365 #14

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4 April 2014

Bring on the clowns! {Camp Bestival 2014}

Following the announcement of the delicious Feast Collective Camp Bestival have now rolled out the news of their comedy line up as well as additions to the already amazing collection of music acts...

Camp Bestival 2014 Comedy Line Up

If you fancy running away and joining the circus, if only for a fun filled long weekend, then head this way and click the image below for everything you need to know about the amazing festival that is Camp Bestival...

Still need convincing?
Check out my experiences here.
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Official Camp Bestival Blogger!
Disclaimer: I am receiving family Camp Bestival 2014 tickets in return for previews and reviews of this year's festival. As always, views and opinions are my own.
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