5 April 2014

365 #14 {Emotional females}

It was an up and down week of mixed emotions.
Simple as that really.

365 #14

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Day 89
Mothering Sunday. It was a funny old day where once again I expected too much. We ended up going into work with the husband where I found another grumpy old cow.
Day 90
Today I finally saw the physio. I am hoping an ultrasound, massage and a dent in my wallet will be the start to ending my knee pain as I am desperate to get out running again.
Day 91
I felt stupidly sad today as I walked the kiddies to school for the last time this year. I'm back to full time work after Easter, for the first time in six years, and I am very up and down emotionally about this.
Day 92
Hormones all over the place ensured that the emotions ran high at breakfast time as I sat there alone feeling sorry myself - I'm not looking forward to a solo breakfast five times a week.
Day 93
Happy mail but not for me. The girl's turn to be emotional with a bridesmaid request from her big cousin!
Day 94
Work was almost over for the term. No children in today. Instead it was the adults' turn to learn some new things. I also thought today that I must try and downsize my work bag.
Day 95
A relaxing start to the Easter break. I grabbed myself some alone time so grabbed the interval timer, trainers and weights and went for it in the front room. I relaxed with some yoga which was interrupted by the kiddies wanting to take part. I stuck them in child's pose for a good two minutes to ensure some quiet!

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  1. aww I'll bet your daughter will love being a bridesmaid

  2. She was slightly excited! Thank you.

  3. I highly recommend the child's pose just to chill out. I may be dropping to it randomly in the classroom soon! If I had the space I'd do a yoga session everyday with the kiddies :)

  4. Definitely an up and down week - I hope going back to work isn't too stressful for you. Lucky girl getting a chance to be a bridesmaid, my daughter would love to do that! #project365

  5. Gosh a real mixed week for you. I hope the physio helped your knee, looks like a wonderful location at least. Must have been hard that school run but hopefully being full-time will be other joys. You'll get into a new routine before you know it. How fabulous for your daughter to be a bridesmaid, she must be so excited!

  6. Sarah MumofThree World5 April 2014 at 19:24

    Love the 'grumpy cow' picture. I think we all expect too much of Mother's Day. My family did sod all for me on Sunday. I really need to stop expecting it.
    You and me are opposites - I've given up work as you are going full time. Good luck to you! (I still have solo breakfasts though even though I don't work as I'm an early riser!)

  7. chantelle hazelden5 April 2014 at 21:22

    huge ((hugs)) I hope you settle in to going back to work xx #project365 x

  8. sabrina montagnoli5 April 2014 at 21:24

    Oh I have experienced so many different feelings about going back to work I can only imagine your rollercoaster ride...I sure hope it smooths out for you. I love that last yoga picture!

  9. disqus_dIRjNoslsp5 April 2014 at 22:04

    Make the most of the Easter holidays and try not to think about work too much! Love the last photo! ;) x

  10. sending big hugs honey, i am sure you will feel better once the routine kicks in a little x

  11. Lol love the grumpy old cow, it made me laugh. That has been me this week, hope it all settles down for you soon and your new routine becomes your new norm :)

  12. oh no i am aorry that your mothers day was not all you had hoped it would be - although your comment about seeing another grumpy cow did make me smile (sorry!)
    i do love seeing your mugs each week - always wise words for the week too
    and (hugs) for the returning to full time work , i cannot think of anthing to say because I can say oh I am sure it will be ok , or i hope you soon get used to it, but knowing how I feel about having to go back to work sometime very soon I know how I would still feel despite such kind words


  13. Hormones are just the pits aren't they. Hope work goes well for you, I have that bridge to cross later in the year- dreading it already

  14. Sara (@mumturnedmom)8 April 2014 at 20:36

    I love the photo of your hands, although combined with the solo breakfast in the next image, it made me feel quite wistful. Hugs xx

  15. Elaine Livingstone10 April 2014 at 11:20

    oh dear at having to go back to work full time, but if needs must I suppose. Love the "grumpy old cow" and sorry you did not get the day you had hoped for. Well done on getting 2 mins out of them in the sitting still yoga

  16. I have just finished my job, which I am happy about but I fave an uncertain few months trying to work out what now? I hope that you enjoy your Easter break. Gorgeous photos, such an unusual collection.


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