5 July 2014

365 #27 {Summer countdown}

I have been counting the days to the summer holidays this week.
Everyone is winding down and tiredness is hitting everyone.
Relaxation was needed.

365 #27

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Day 180
A lazy Sunday finished with a game of Pass the Pigs. This move may have been fixed.
Day 181
The children have taken to coming home from school and playing with Lego rather than going straight for the television. This makes me happy.
Day 182
A chilled out day for me and I settled down with the latest edition of The Simple Things - if you haven't seen it I recommend a look.
Day 183
I met the family after work in a local pub for a quick summer drink. The kiddies occupied themselves on the rather ageing fussball table.
Day 184
The husband brought home sunflowers today after he misunderstood a text I sent - he thought I was low. Love him.
Day 185
It's Friday, I'm tired and I needed this.
Day 186
Summer fair for the children's school today then we popped out to a pub I hadn't been to before. The views were lovely.

Linking up as always to The Boy and Me...

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  1. I love it when 7yo comes home and doesn't ask for the TV

  2. The fuss all table looks charmingly vintage. Want egg and chips now.

  3. Sara (@mumturnedmom)6 July 2014 at 02:07

    That first photo did make me smile :) Have a craving for egg and chips now! It's great when they choose Lego (or anything!) over TV x

  4. Wow that fussball table is a classic! I want your dinner so bad you don't even know how bad, lol. I miss british sausages and egg lol. That last pic is breathtaking

  5. winding down is always a nice tjing to do. i love flicking through cookery mags and books i find it relaxing and gives me lots of ideas.
    i really love the shot looking down on the kids playing with their LEGO and what a great fussball - that reminds me of Friends when Joey and Chandler had one ! x

  6. Elaine Livingstone6 July 2014 at 14:47

    love the view from the pub, hope the meal was as nice. How lovely of your husband. I agree lego much better than tv. Had to chuckle at the pigs, one for playing piggy back, and secondly for staring at the ribs of their cousins.

  7. We love playing pass the pigs, sadly Emmy lost one of them so the game just doesn't work with one

  8. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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