12 July 2014

365 #28 {Counting the days}

I am ready for the summer holidays now.
The kiddies are ready for the summer holidays now.
We all just need to stop for a bit and have one big lie in.
Just hope the sun keeps on shining.

365 #28

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Day 187
Gorgeous weather again for a Sunday. Once the weekend chores were done I sat in the garden with a cup of Earl Grey and a magazine. The children left me to it. Thankfully.
Day 188
Some blogging catching up to do today. Camp Bestival posts published. Now I need to get planning.
Day 189
The sunflowers and wildflowers at the bottom of the garden are really coming on now.
Day 190
Another reminder to catch up with some #postcircle mail. A lovely postcard came through the letterbox today.
Day 191
Finally the passports arrived following a few phone calls, errors by the post office and a bit of worry. Today they landed safely on my doormat today.
Day 192
This mug always makes me chuckle and it was a nice Happy Friday snap for the #IGTeaClub.
Day 193
We went to the Cotswold Wildlife Park today for an early birthday treat for the girl. It was set to be a lovely day but we can't seem to win with her at the moment. Anyway I found my favourite alliums, albeit past their best but still looking beautiful. 

How has your week been?

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  1. Are you going somewhere nice with the passports?

  2. Elaine Livingstone12 July 2014 at 19:37

    thank goodness you have got your passports, one worry over. Nice to get a chance to unwind occasionally. your sunflowers are doing great. ours are just developing heads

  3. That camp vestigial sounds marvellous. I shall investigate more.

  4. Vestigial? is it a music festival primarily? If so not for me.

  5. France. To the in laws. On my own with the kiddies. Something not quite right there!!

  6. I love watching the sunflowers change day by day! I bet yours will be out soon :)

  7. Camp Bestival is awesome. I sense there is a predictive text issue here! ;)

  8. Camp Bestival is all about the kids primarily. Music obviously but arts, crafts, performances, literary bits, theatre.....loads and loads. Check it out!

  9. Love the sunflowers, ours are almost there but I think we planted them a little late!

  10. looks like a busy week with you! xx

  11. Sarah MumofThree World13 July 2014 at 06:19

    We're ready for the holidays here now too! Your sunflowers look fabulous. Glad your passports arrived in time. My younger son is asking to go to Cotswold Wildlife Park in the holidays, but it's an expensive day out!

  12. You need my Camp B post from earlier in the week Kara! ;)

  13. Not long now, 10 more days to go!

  14. Good luck, I'm sure they'll be out soon :)

  15. I've nearly run out too! No room in the cupboard for more :(

  16. Your garden looks lovely, we love Cotswold Wildlife Park, need to visit there again.

  17. Great round up! How nice to put your feet up in the sun! bet that was needed! #365

  18. The flowers are looking really pretty. Are you tracking the bee population?? (google 'bee spotting' and go to the FOE (friends of the earth) site. :)


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