19 July 2014

365 #29 {Sun & rain}

British summer showed its true colours this week.
Glorious sunny days, cloudy days when I still managed to get sunburnt and then the rain.
Boy oh boy did it rain.

365 #29

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Day 194
A new recent purchase is assisting me in my consumption of fruit and is producing some rather delicious smoothies. I need to get my hand on a juicer now.
Day 195
Presents wrapped for the soon to be eight year old.
Day 196
Eight today! Apparently the age to develop teenage attitude already. Fun.
Day 197
A bit of cloud, drizzle and apparently sunshine as I managed to get sunburn on a picnic in the park with our September school starters.
Day 198
Illness hit me today so I spent the day recuperating and when the children came back from school we did a bit of looming.
Day 199
Still not right today so no work. I got some fresh air in the garden and couldn't believe how overgrown it is. One lone surviving sunflower was standing tall and proud.
Day 200
The rain came back today, a hangover from the past two night's storms, and I realised just how great Saltwater sandals are in this weather.
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  1. chantelle hazelden19 July 2014 at 15:41

    Lovely round up. The British weather is definitely changeable!! I love a good smoothie and I can't resist joining in with the looming :)

  2. Love the starburst loom band, my kids are desperate to learn how to make one of those! Hope the birthday was enjoyed by all - I have an 8 year old with attitude too ;) #365

  3. Happy 8th biirthday.

  4. Sarah MumofThree World19 July 2014 at 21:25

    Sorry that you've been poorly. Happy birthday to your 8 year old, but sorry to hear there's an attitude already! I'm lucky that my 8yo is still a delight. Love all the looming, my younger son is doing loads too - think I need to share a pick next week!

  5. Hope you feel better and that the birthday was a good one x

  6. Shame about the rain at the end of the week but glad to hear you're felling better. Awesome loom band! I've just ordered all the gear to start next week with the kids.

  7. those sandals are so so gorgeous! i may have to look at getting some!

  8. tuesday was a popular day for birthdays! I hope your daugter enjoyed her 8th birthday and the cake looks yummy. seeing your smoothie there is giving me an idea of what i can have for my breakfast as I have all the ingredients so thank you! i see you are getting very creative with the looming! i hope you feel much better now and enjoy your sunday x x

  9. Love the sandals. Those loom bands are driving me NUTS. They are everywhere. Some little girls up the street were selling them outside their house yesterday. I gave them 5p for a neon pink ring. I only walked over to them cuz I thought they were selling cakes. #disappointment.

  10. Ooh I like your loom creations! We still haven't got into them here, but I might buy some for me as I would like to have a go, but I may regret that! Gorgeous sunflower, we never got round to growing any this year. Sorry that you have been poorly, I hope you are better now

  11. Elaine Livingstone22 July 2014 at 22:07

    is that a panda made from loom bands? Nice pile of pressies, and love the jazzies on the cake. Gosh the sunflower is doing well. mine are quite feeble.

  12. Lovely looking cake :)
    The sunflower is looking mighty fine :)


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