4 August 2014

365 #31 {Camp Bestival!}

We are back from the most amazing Camp Bestival - watch this space for upcoming posts on that!
As always, memories have been made and adventures have been undertaken.
Now we have the rest of the summer to fill.

365 #31

Project 365 day 208 - Barefoot Trail at Dyrham Park // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 209 - Costume making for Camp Bestival // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 210 - Making lists // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 211 - Packing for Camp Bestival // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 212 - Camp Bestival // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 213 - Big Top at Camp Bestival // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 214 - Camp Bestival // 76sunflowers

Day 208
A lovely day out at Dyrham Park. We got in the festival barefoot spirit.
Day 209
Last minute costume making for the Circus Fancy Dress at Camp Bestival.
Day 210
Last minute list making!
Day 211
Car packed and ready for the journey tomorrow.
Day 212
And we are in!
Day 213
Looking over to the Big Top from the weird and wonderful 'Oberon's Observatory'.
Day 214
The girl people watching from the castle steps.

Linking up, better late than never, to The Boy and Me...

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  1. i was wondering why you had packed the buggy and then i thought ah yes what a clever idea! great for carrying stuff on! looks like an awesome time was had at Camp Bestival - i have never been to a festival before but it always looks like a lot of fun xx

  2. I've never been to a festival. That Big Top is mighty impressive!

  3. Ooh how exciting! Camp Bestival looks like such great fun, we must try and get there next year. I'm sure POD would love it, seems to be lots to do for the kids :)

  4. Sara (@mumturnedmom)9 August 2014 at 21:01

    Love the fancy dress outfit and the shot of your daughter looking out over the crowds. I've loved seeing all the Camp Bestival posts, looks like great fun!


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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