8 August 2014

Camp Bestival Diary 2014 {Sunday}

Camp Bestival Diary 2014 {Sunday} // 76sunflowers

And suddenly it was Sunday. There's always something rather special about Sunday at Camp Bestival and this year was no exception with the sun glaring down over the fields of Lulworth Castle. We had no real plans for the day but it panned out beautifully.

Camp Bestival 2014 {Sunday} // 76sunflowers
We grabbed some photos in the Castle Field then chilled in front of the Castle Stage listening to the fantastic No Limit Street Band.

Camp Bestival 2014 {Sunday} // 76sunflowers
Camp Bestival 2014 {Sunday} // 76sunflowers
I made hair garlands with the girl and then we all watched the amazing Kawa Circus against a fantastic castle backdrop.

Camp Bestival 2014 {Sunday} // 76sunflowers
The intriguing Insect Circus is always worth a watch and we relaxed with a cold ale in the blazing sunshine at the bottom of the Kid's Garden. The giant snail was a new addition and now the children will be looking out for one on an upcoming trip to France!

Camp Bestival 2014 Basement Jaxx  {Sunday} // 76sunflowers
Camp Bestival 2014 Fireworks {Sunday} // 76sunflowers
And then it was nearly the end. We headed to the Castle Field catching the end of Sinead O'Connor before a stonking set from Basement Jaxx - one act I wish I was closer to the stage for as so much was going on up there! And finally it was the fireworks. Camp Bestival have quite a reputation for their fireworks finale and this years was up there with the best of them. There were a few grumbles at the lack of animation this year but I think they'll never top 2011 for that. Instead they stuck with fireworks and music timed to perfection - see the video below.

Camp Bestival 2014 {Sunday} // 76sunflowers
As we left the field with the crowds we felt that we weren't quite ready to say goodbye so we slipped into the Dingly Dell which was all very calm in the dark. The children had a ball playing on the play park at 11 p.m. until some rather patient security workers moved us on. Then it was the end. We slowly made our way back to the tent a little sad that it was all over but happy with another amazing set of memories created.

Thank you Camp Bestival!
You can read about our Thursday here, Friday here and Saturday here.
Early bird tickets for 2015 will be on sale from Friday August 8th at 10a.m.
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Disclaimer: I received family Camp Bestival 2014 tickets in return for previews and reviews of this year's festival. As always, views and opinions are my own.

Photo credit: Thank you Camp Bestival for the use of the Kawa Circus picture.


  1. Basement Jaxx were awesome weren't they! Wish we'd visited the Dindly Dell in the dark, I bet it looked lovely.

  2. Sounds like we had a similar day again, can't believe we didn't run into you as we were in the same places. It is sad that it's over but as my Mum used to say "you have to leave to be able to come back". Until next year.

  3. We felt just the same leaving at the end - very subdued but it was such a brilliant festival who wouldn't! x

  4. It all looks amazing, just my kind of thing! You sure look like you had a fab time! I saw the insect circus in Sheffield.... it's great! x

  5. The Kawa Circus is one of our faves, we didn't catch them this year but have done the past 2 years and the kids are always just as transfixed with them as we are! So gutted we had to get back on Sunday afternoon and missed the fireworks!

  6. Great photos. Loved Kawa circus. Sunday is such a good day at camp bestival.


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