29 October 2014

Forest School

Forest School // 76sunflowers

I recently had the best training day, quite possibly ever, at work.
It involved, among other things, fire starting, knives, clay, getting personal with trees and cooking on an open fire.
My mind was alert all day.
I couldn't wait to get back outside from the tea breaks.
It was how I would love every day at work to be.
That is my dream.

Here are just some of the activities...

Colour and texture hunt - EYFS Outdoor learning // 76sunflowers

Go on a hunt for colours and textures using coloured Fimo tags and texture word cards.
Get working as a team to make a piece of collaborative natural art. 

Reflecting the canopy - EYFS Outdoor learning // 76sunflowers

Sit beneath the trees with an old CD. Watch the reflections of the canopy and sit in quietness, listening to the sounds around you.

Tree gazing - Outdoor learning // 76sunflowers
Tree hugging - Outdoor learning // 76sunflowers

Get close to a tree; hug it, look up at it, listen to it.
Write down every word that springs to mind.
Get poetic.

Clay and natural animals - EYFS Outdoor learning // 76sunflowers
Mini den making - EYFS Outdoor learning // 76sunflowers

Grab a lump of clay and whatever nature provides. Make your own forest creature. Make it a den.

Whittling - Outdoor learning // 76sunflowers
Fire cooking - Outdoor learning // 76sunflowers

Whittle a hazel stick for damper bread - best cooked slowly away from the flames.
Best enjoyed with butter and jam.

I'm looking forward to repeating some of this with the little people.

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