2 November 2014

Autumn's Best Bits

Autumn has long been my favourite season.
A colourful window of burnt reds, browns, oranges and yellows nestling between the long, warm Summer days, of Saltwater sandals and tan lines, and the long, cold nights of Winter.
Crisp, yet sunny, days followed by a warming mulled cider to see me through the lengthening dark evenings.
Leaf peeping and spotting the Autumnal hues as the canopies of the trees change day by day.
The crunch of leaves beneath my boot clad feet.
The smell of bonfire lingering in the air.
The never-ending carpets of fallen leaves changing the green lawns to deep rich shades of browns and reds.

Autumn's Best Bits // 76sunflowers

Then it all gets destroyed...
I hear the heart warming sound of infectious chortling.
Then I see how such a simple thing has made them so happy.
Because who can resist the temptation to destroy the perfect carpet in the name of fun?!

Those are Autumn's best bits for me.
What are yours?
x x x
Disclaimer: I am entering 'Autumn's Best Bits' with @Sykescottages. You can find more at tinyurl.com/autumnsbestbit 


  1. I'm really enjoying autumn in the UK, after 12 years in France where autumn doesn't really exist, you can't beat the colours and the feel of a crisp, cold, sunny day :-)

  2. That's great to hear! I didn't realise France didn't get an Autumn as such? I'm missing the crisp days though, far too damp and mild at the moment :(


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