22 November 2014

Project 365 #47 {A sandwich week}

It has been a bit of a nondescript week.
The work days tend to lead to less interesting photos so it's nice to have them sandwiched by some good days.
Here's the sandwich week.

Project 365 #47

Project 365 day 320 - Autumn at Lacock // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 321 - Chickens // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 322 - Sun from the Lane // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 323 - Bath Society Cafe // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 324 - Phonics // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 325 - Chai Latte // 76sunflowers
Project 365 day 326 - Canal Walk // 76sunflowers

Day 320
The in-laws took me and the kiddos to Lacock and the local garden centre today - where Christmas has arrived already in a non too discreet manner. Luckily Lacock was its usual beautiful place still showing that it is in fact still Autumn and all thoughts of Christmas should be buried away until at least the end of the month.
Day 321
Finally we moved the chooks today. They had soon turned their patch to mud so it's back to the shingle again for a while.
Day 322
I caught the sun, on the afternoon school walk, going down over the fields where planning permission is being sought for 500 plus houses. This will alter our feeling of living semi rurally massively and this saddens me.
Day 323
The husband brought this back from Bath today giving the game away he had been to his favourite coffee shop, The Society Café.
Day 324
Work day today so always harder to snap something of interest - hence the work based photo.
Day 325
Tired tonight and annoyed that the pub is never an option for me on my way home from work. Puts my weekend off to a bad start again so I went and sulked in the bathroom with a cup of Chai Latte and a steaming bath awaiting me.
Day 326
A rare day without the kiddos today. I got over my sulking and following an appointment in Devizes we drove to Bradford-on-Avon for another walk. Today we followed the canal path for an eight mile walk and finished the day off with a pint of Wadsworth in a pub back in the town. Perfect.

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  1. Sarah MumofThree World22 November 2014 at 20:30

    Stunning photos this week. Love the autumn sunshine and that canal view is so beautiful! I'm a big fan of canals :)

  2. Sara (@mumturnedmom)22 November 2014 at 20:30

    Love that first shot with the sun through the leaves and the beautiful sunshine in your school run shot. Glad you had a fun day today x

  3. Loving the sun pouring through the trees. The canal walk sounds lovely and relaxing

  4. Coombe Mill (Fiona)23 November 2014 at 10:16

    Lovely looking days out and looks like you have had some decent weather too

  5. Looks like a very pretty week to me! I love the leave/sunshine photo - beautiful Lacock. An 8 mile walk with the kids was ambitious - well done! x

  6. Elaine Livingstone25 November 2014 at 18:26

    love the barge picture, how nice to get out and about, even nice without the little darlings, 8 miles is a nice walk in the autumnal sunshine. Our chickens have turned all their area to mud as well. does not help that our gardens tend to turn into swimming pools after a few ours of rain, no drainage at all.

  7. Oh my God that top short is astoundingly good! The light flare, the colours and perspective. Gorgeous.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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