11 November 2014

Yoga at home

Yoga at home // 76sunflowers

I'm not going to make out that I am some kind of expert, super flexible, yoga bunny - I don't know my ashtanga from my vinyasa - but I want to say how much I am loving Yoga and highly recommend it. I find it to be a great de-stressing and relaxing tool as well as improving my flexibility and ultimately my fitness.
I have dipped into it for over a year now but recently I have ramped up the amount I am doing, partly due to a running injury that has kept me off the pavements but also due to the relaxtion time it gives me - perfect at the end of a manic day. I am also hoping the Yoga will strengthen the muscles needed to return to running.
I currently aim for a daily session and try to do a minimum of twenty minutes.
Yoga is fantastic to do at home as it requires minimum space - ideal for my cosy lounge - and minimum equipment.
A mat is ideal and a block and towel are additional extras for certain stretches and moves.
I find it best to do my Yoga practise when the children are at school, on my days off, or when they are asleep - it is best to practise without interruption and in a peaceful environment!

As a keen beginner I followed Erin Motz's 30 Day Yoga Challenge, which can be found on YouTube, and more recently her Yoga Challenge at erinmotz.com.
The latter challenge increased my ability and I found myself moving around a lot with a definite increase in blood flow and heart rate.
I follow the tutorials on an iPad, initially propping it up on the cushions on the sofa - this works ok but is restrictive when you're hanging upside down and not really 100% sure about how your downward dog should be looking.

Recently I was sent the Logitech Hinge for the iPad Air to try out with my Yoga practise in mind.
The hinge means the iPad can be tilted at different angles so I can position the iPad in a more user friendly place and see it better from the different angles my body gets itself into.
The protective cover is a stylish durable fabric and allows full use of the camera, microphone and charger.
The iPad automatically turns off when the cover is closed.
Here's how it looks:
Yoga at home // 76sunflowers
When opened, the smooth gliding Hinge can be positioned to an angle within a 50 degree range and holds firmly in place.
Here it is positioned for my Yoga practise:
Yoga at home // 76sunflowers
This stand has definitely been a great extra addition in my Yoga practise as it enables me to check the poses. As I move around the mat I move the stand around safe in the knowledge the iPad isn't going to slip and I can maintain concentration with my Yoga.
I'm now off to perfect my double pigeon - a great hip opener and supposedly good for strengthening the important muscles for running.
Hopefully I'll be back pounding the pavements sometime soon but I know I will definitely keep the Yoga practise up.
Do you practise Yoga at home? Do you have any top tips for Yoga practise?
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Disclaimer: I was sent the Logitech Hinge for iPad Air cover for review purposes and also received a Yoga package for my at-home practise. As always, the words and opinions expressed in this post are my own.



  1. It is still on my list to try, I know I need yoga in my life ;-)

  2. I go to yoga lessons twice a week and really swear by it.


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