12 December 2014

Underworld {Camp Bestival}

It's Friday.
It's been a long week with the run up to Christmas at work.
Everyone is over excited.
Everyone needs to calm down a bit.
Then I came home.
And got over excited again as this landed in my inbox...

Line up Camp Bestival 2015

So obviously I had to listen to this and start educating the kiddos in all things nineties...

You'll find me with the rest of the sun soaked parents reliving the nineties on Sunday August 2nd in the fields at Lulworth Castle.
If you're tempted there's a Xmas Offer on here.
Or check out more info at www.campbestival.net
You won't be disappointed!
For past reviews and information take a peek here....

x x x

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  1. I was seriously so excited by The Kaiser Chiefs, then I checked out the other names (don't judge me, I'm just not cool) and now can't wait!! So excited


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