24 February 2015

The back garden {#HDYGG}

Stepping outside the back door this morning, armed with my camera, I was happy to see that the sun was shining.
After the recent rain there was a sense of Spring in the air.
The wind blew, sending with it a chill reminder that cold days were still on the cards.
I perused the garden with a slight optimism; the grass was scratched bare in places by the chooks, the path to the shed was covered in mud, the vegetable and flower beds were too empty.
However, potatoes are chitting in the house and packets of seeds lay waiting for warmer days.
And I did notice the pots.
Bulbs were beginning to shoot and the daffodils and primroses were out.

Primroses - The back garden // 76sunflowers
Daffodils - The back garden // 76sunflowers
Primroses & Daffodils - The back garden // 76sunflowersDaffodils & Primroses - The back garden // 76sunflowers
These pots usually sit atop the old garden piano, as pictured above, but the recent winds means they are currently safely ensconced underneath by the pedals.
Crocus bulbs - The back garden // 76sunflowers
Grape hyacinths - The back garden // 76sunflowers
The crocus bulbs are working hard but I have given up on my grape hyacinths ever flowering.
Cracked pot - The back garden // 76sunflowers
Pot of weeds - The back garden // 76sunflowers
Not all the pots were looking so good. Some are severely weather beaten and one is housing random weeds, chicken feathers and children's garden tools.
Butterflies welcome - The back garden // 76sunflowers

At the bottom of the garden I await my flower bed to bloom - fenced off as, although butterflies are welcome, chickens are most definitely not.
I have planted alliums, tulips and daffodils as well as the wildflowers whose seeds were sown last summer - and over which I got in trouble for pulling them up after flowering as I thought they were weeds.

You see, I love a good garden but a good gardener I am not!

What's going on in your garden?

How Does Your Garden Grow
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  1. What is in my garden....umm a mess! Well there is my lovely Beech tree still pretty much naked of leaves except a few brown crumbled ones that have hung on despite the winds best efforts to remove them. I think I have one pot with some white Heather flowering, lucky huh? I planted lots of Heather's in memory of my sister alas Kit decided they needed to be dug up so I only have one left and that is not in a totally unsuitable container stuck on the log store. Not how I envisaged them when I planted them up lovingly in the lovely stone trough my Grandad dug up many years before I was even born. Small garden and playful puppies and dogs don't really mix. I have hope this year to do something but if not I shall keep just loving my tree! x

    Lovely photo's and looking forward to seeing what comes up in your flower garden, I love the sign too!

  2. ahhhh spring is just around the corner - looks like a good garden to me!!!

  3. Your pots look lovely with all the Spring bulbs in. I noticed the beginnings of flower heads on our daffs today, I'm really looking forward to seeing them come up!

  4. What gorgeous splashes of colour. Love how ordered and neat your garden looks.

  5. Ahhh all the pots lined up in a row! So pretty - Spring in a blog post Viv and it's making me h-a-p-p-y!
    Roll on Spring and roll on Camp Bestival too! Thank you for joining in again m'lady!

  6. Your daffodils and primroses just add brightness and cheerfulness to the garden and make dream of sunny days!

  7. Happy Homebird1 March 2015 at 00:09

    Pots look so pretty, I really need some. A few daffs look ready to bloom in my garden and I've been planting summer bulbs, trying to be organised!

  8. My grape hyacinths are also just a jumble of leaves this year but I am sure both of us will see flowers sooner or later. Oh and the pigs say oink back from Eco-Gites of Lenault :)


I appreciate all comments, thank you! x x

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